Episode 156: Bottled Up



It looked like your average everyday old wine bottle. It was stout at the bottom with the stubby neck and amazingly, it was still corked and sealed but there was no label on it, which is why the owner had brought it to a local filming of the antiques roadshow. Back in two thousand sixteen, the owner set it down in front of glass experts open to get an idea as to what might be inside the easy conclusion was that it dated from the eighteen hundreds making it at least one, hundred, fifty years old, but the contents were anyone's guess. So eager to learn more this glass expert took a syringe and drew out a small sample of liquid. After placing it in a glass and tasting at the expert wrestled with his experience it could be an old bottle of port but there was something else he swore he could taste rust but without opening the bottle, it was impossible to say. Fast forward three years, and that bottle has been studied by scientists revealing and answer to the mystery that was entirely unexpected. Inside was a collection of old brass pins, human hair, a small amount of alcohol. And Urine. And when the ingredients of the solution were lined up with the date, they were made and the location, the bottle was found the true answer suddenly floated to the surface. It was. A witch. Bottle. Now, honestly, which bottles are a thing of legend, they represented an acceptable form of magic known as counter spells used by fearful Tuck to ward off the evil influence of the witches who threatened their existence. Buried near homes or beneath doorways all in an effort to keep the forces of darkness out. That adventurous glass expert had made a key issue. That inside a bottle was something as innocuous as wine but his preconceived notions met and unexpected reality and the same can be said for anyone who makes guest without all the information assumption after all is akin to firing a weapon at a target while blindfolded and this man missed. Sometimes. Our guests work prevents us from seeing the truth. We think we know something. But if we are given a chance to explore the true details, we could find ourselves surprised by what we discover. The Lens through which we view our world is far from clear. So. Let's spend

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