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One welcome into the yours Metro Kerry Kayes. Mental. Health. PODCAST. My Name's Yvette and stay on chatting to izzy staten. Jesus social? Media. Star. Who Talks about all things mental health on her tiktok Youtube and instagram and she's also a singer. We're going to be chatting about life online eating disorders and making music. is He thought much protecting welcomed does all thank you for having me on so excited to be chatting to honest. For several reasons. But nicely, because you WANNA stunned Tiktok your big puzzle take home and I'm very excited about that. Also bit sketches like. The understanding TIKTOK. So I think the best thing is district took about a why did you decide to start talking about mental health stuff on that platform? Well, I talk about my mental health problems on all social media platforms specifically because I have. Known a school borderline personality disorder. which has quite a lot of negative connotations around it about like stereotypically will people alike with it and I wanted to show people you lot of different people that you wouldn't expect might have. and so that was ready wireless. So vocal on social media platforms and take talks a great. site to solve tell funny stories from your podcast, and because I've been mentally ill for quite a while. Most of like my funny entertaining stories are often around that. Yeah really love it over Steph. Sort of check out your account is really great end enough sort of how frank you're TIKTOK. Really interesting. I think it's one of those things that people my age of. Any like sued if anyone twenties is still kind of going on this thing, I would we actually do with it but basically frank chats with people. Just speak your mind and also you've got to adorable dog Seeing Ahmad, about dokes Bichon FRISE is that right? Yes, she is a beach on free say She's fiery key. She's the love of my life. Yeah. Already her on there as well I think it kind of helps keep things light between. Sometimes. It's a bit hard just by mental health stuff but you will say. Your Doable Dolan there as well. So it's nice to have the mixture. On Yeah She's always Kind of response if you had some people, do you have a find it difficult to just about your mental health them in that sort of way because I know that people combative. That can sort of get into into dams. That sort of stuff have you found it? When I was younger, actually my school didn't assembly about time that I had tried to kill myself. which was the first time I'd ever have people of coming into my DM's saying, Oh, I, heard this happened to you and you get a now with talking about it as well. You get a lot of people that will dm you and say, Oh, I'm ready struggling with my mental health and sometimes it's difficult because if you integrate place with your mental health, it's very difficult to help others and you can feel of responsibility when you have a load of twelve, thirteen, fourteen year olds mass you saying that they're ready L. and they need a little help and then getting it so it can be a lot to take but generally. I don't, mind if. People make. Negative commands all criticize me talking about it because I personally don't see a problem was talking about it. I'm very careful about what I say I didn't give people especially in regards to Anorexia or self. self-harm a lot of people when they talk about it can accidentally give tips. I'm very careful with that so I have. I'm like a Schule that what I'm saying is not going to negatively impact people. Some people think on the Internet you'RE GONNA end up offending someone. Yeah. Couse. Do you have sort of boundaries in place in terms of what should go online and instead of what you'd have? Generally, I try not to follow too many people with mental health issues I mean I. Obviously I follow a lot like to have variety or I think you can sometimes become too consumed and people can post a lot of. Quite upsetting sometimes because people can pass like I'm feeding ready down. Awful. So I sort of like to try and keep a variety to make sure that I didn't become too embroiled in just the negative stuff. This is all new to me to be honest Kazakhstan. The TIKTOK side of things new to Mina city of on Youtube another social platforms. But for me sort of twisters, the place that I. Got It to chat to be about mental health stuff generally, and I'm still getting to grips with TIKTOK. What was the community like on Tiktok in terms of mental health checks on a straight feels fairly supportive of. TIKTOK is very supportive on it's mostly. So of Gen, Z. Kids. And I think as a whole always really sports each other the thing about Tiktok that's quite different to a lot of other platforms is that every time you release a video, it can be seen by a whole new audience of people. If it gets picked up by the Algorithm, it will get to it can go out to hundreds and thousands of people. and so you're always interacting with a new audience. From tiktok in. Particular I've never had many negative comments to be honest. They've always been really quite leaned.

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