More than a quarter century, but where polls show


Should vote vote every single presidential election. Reginald Ballard was in line before 6 A.m.. I don't want to wait to Election Day. And possibly have the standing along like this. When we spoke, there were hundreds, if not 1000 people behind him when we get it out of the way. John Doman for CBS News Buoy Maryland President Trump Hitting the state hard today is three events scheduled in P. A travels toe Allentown for an afternoon rally to talk about the economy, vigor and then he will also hold a rally in Lancaster. Another in Martinsburg. Papa Joe Biden is staying close to his Wilmington, Delaware home on Monday, but He plans to pick up his travel schedule later in the week came to hit six battleground states that the campaign sees as he to his chances somewhat socially distanced in person events, others with virtual events Now, on Tuesday, the former vice president travels to Georgia State that hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate. More than a quarter century, but where polls show a tight race. It's 11 38.

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