Mail Ballot Trends Suggest Biden on Path To Victory in Pennsylvania, Thanks To Greater Philadelphia Area


On millions of mail in ballots that are still being counted. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports President Trump in his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, are fighting for the state of Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes. Biden has so far one an overwhelming majority of the Maylin and absentee ballots counted in Pennsylvania, mainly in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. Democratic governor Tom Wolfe says the state is working to ensure that the results are fair and that every vote is counted. Accurately. Make no mistake. Our democracy is being tested in this election. This is a stress test of the ideals upon which this country was founded on the basic rule of one person. One vote that's still carries and it has to carry here. The Supreme Court ruled this week that Pennsylvania can count ballots received by mail as late as Friday, so long as they are postmarked by November, 3rd. Windsor Johnston. NPR

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