A powerful message on election night.


On things like packing the court's making. Washington D. C. State, giving amnesty to 11 million illegal emigrants. They boasted about that for the last two bites, and they were crushed everywhere, Senator Conrad and radical woke agenda of the Democratic Party was thoroughly repudiated. Now I'll leave them to go through the thrashing and soul searching on their side, but I assure you, none of that on dance will even come up for a vote in the United States Senate for the next two years. Senator spoke with Salem Radio Network News job market showed a surprising burst of strength in October, with employers adding 638,000 jobs at the under flyover rate tumbling to 6.9%. Still, the pace of hiring isn't robust enough to rapidly soak up the millions of Americans who were thrown out of work by the pandemic. Or the story's a townhall dot com My Patrick pause. President Trump is the most well known person in the world. But who is he? Really? The president's my friend. Have you ever met him? Do you know him?

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