How Not To Get Bogged Down In Fear & Find Resilience With Debra Wanger


Today with us. We have a resilient actor and she actually wrote a book about this about how to kick ass in the business without kicking kicking your ass off. And I think it's very interesting that we get to have artists like her on the podcast and that we can have a a really authentic talk about creativity the creative process gratitude. And as long as you might already know why now, I have a great appreciation for artists and what they bring into the world and they usually have a really unique and beautiful perspective on graduate student. Also we have with us today Deborah Wangler off. And she's also not just an author, but she's also an actress a singer a coach and a public speaker Deborah. Welcome to the Gratitude Life podcast. Thank you. I'm grateful to be here. So let us know a little bit more about you. I've I wanted to be 16th so that we would get to know you better in the interview itself, but I'm sure that you have some some really interesting things that you can share with us about the work that you're doing. And also maybe the people that you've worked with. Sure. Well, I have a kind of an interesting bumpy story. I I grew up in Chicago Illinois in the states and I was very involved in theater and acting from a young age and I kept doing that and then as when I was in my late teens I went off and did that professionally and I was actually pretty successful doing Live Theater package, but I was not happy. I was not healthy. I was very out of balanced and in any periods of unemployment. I was in in really bad shape. I was over way I was depressed. I was broken out. I was I was lonely. I was just a very unhappy person. So even though I was achieving the dream that I had worked towards I wasn't I wasn't working and then I went back and I got a college degree and I worked I went to LA and I worked in in Hollywood and the movie business for a few years and that was exciting but a dog Still didn't make me happy and and then I I left the that part of the film industry I decided I wanted to go back to acting and but I wanted to find a way to be healthy this time and I pursued all kinds of Health Avenues and I finally got trained as an certified as a health coach. So I did it very intensive dive into Palm nutrition sleep hygiene Stress Management supplementation exercise relationships coaching all that and I had found a better balance for myself and then went to pursue helping others try to find balance so that led to a coaching practice and some books starting with the with the fact that I knew with the actors and the and creative community and there's a lot of pitfalls as working as an artist where it's very challenging to to be healthy in a lot of ways so I would I thought Is my mission to help other actors and creatives and then now leading to entrepreneurs and and other walks of life as well but find self-care and balanced. So they so you can do the work that you love without it off chewing you up and spitting you out. Yeah exactly without it kicking your ass. Yes exactly without a kicking your ass cuz that's how I felt.

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