Interview with Lisa Niser on Financial Health for Employees


Is don shula pie trainer and businesses often ensure grew with when people thrive companies thrive i today my very very special guest is lisa. Nicer lisa nizer. Cpa firm antiquing taxes together. And what's funny. We had our whole peace. And i finally had to say this is good stuff. We have started the interviews so lisa. I really am beyond thrilled. That you are spending this time with me. Welcome thank you so much don and excited to share how can instill taxes into how companies work and and so. Let's let's go deeper into that because you guys hit pause or go to the next episode. Say oh the of nano you really need to listen because our stressor we under because of money and lisa. I know that you can talk probably much more about that. And with data and statistic and the real stuff than. I can't so go for it you know it's interesting for another event that i did. I did some research and it said that New graduates new like four times as much about how to use social media than about finances. But here's the thing you're interacting with not only taxes money every single day of your life like this is something that's really important and so i'm trying to well i am. I got succeeding at making taxes. Fun because if you're not scared by it you have power to make decisions that work for you and you know. That's what i'm out to do is to really just educate people on all those things that we should have learned but weren't And that's That's my life smash tell our listeners about some of that educational piece that you do around money. Taxes w. twos so right now i've done quite a bit on linked in Kind of known as the tax guru unlinked in there's not a lot of tax people on lengthened. I've learned And so i did a really series on things you think are tax deductible but aren't and then i just did wanna Know what all the boxes on your w to mean because honestly especially with direct deposit. Nobody even looks at the wgn. Like i've had people with the wrong draft with wrong states but there is a lot of information provided up on there that you can use to know where you're at Make good decisions. Take advantage of things that your employer is offering customers are listed on there that you may or may not be aware of sing with your stuff with a really encourage Pull it out. If you don't know about all those taxes go lincoln with me on late then and you can see literally gone through it because it's not just about the autumn line number on your tax return that refund least important number on the tax return. We can make that whenever you want. It's how much did you pay taxes. How much did you pay in state tax. You know what else you're paying social security medicare taxes. Those are big numbers. You should understand what's being taxed. If you can do anything to change that and how much it's up to i think especially even now like with the pandemic. I've been working with a lot of clients to do a a kind of pandemic budget. So i have a template where we literally like list out every category of over the years i developed this for my family and And i have original. And then i have revised while not only does your transportation change or food or clothing or your manicures but if your income goes down those tax numbers change substantially and getting those numbers right either through an online tax calculator or through. Hopefully working with an accountant. That may give you some peace of mind that yeah things are tough but they may not be as tough as you think they are. And i let you sleep at night. We did that for our own family. I mean it was pretty eye-opening how much is take out of your face abbott. You you might be eligible for credits or deductions that you worked before franken's now lower so yet until you look at all the moving pieces in work with someone. There's a lot of things that that might cause you stress the dope need to find that fastening the w. two employees

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