Scooter Braun reportedly sells Taylor Swift’s masters for over $300M, star responds


And a half ago. It was a big brouhaha. And Scooter Bron. Became the enemy to 15 year old girls everywhere by buying up Taylor Swift's catalog. Well, he bought. Didn't he buy the record company and that those Masters stuff went with it right Big machine label group. It included Taylor Swift's first six albums, and he paid about $300 million total for it. So he just turned around and sold. Apparently just the Taylor Swift stuff, the six the rights to the first six records by themselves. He retains all the other stuff and continues to make money off this catalog that he just sold Um, in a deal worth over $300 million already. Like you got the other thing for free and wait a minute. So you're saying he sold her? Catalog but keeps a percentage of the profits. Yes, and he and keeps big machine label group, right. Wow. Yeah, Just those six albums. $300 million. She's bummed as you might imagine, Uh, she says she's been trying to buy back her Masters for the past year. But Bron made silly demands that she couldn't meet. The company that bought Taylor's music is called Shamrock Holdings, and they reached out to Taylor, hoping to work with her. Like, Hey, maybe we can work something out. But because of the terms of the sale, Scooter Braun still profits off those masters for several more years. So Taylor won't work a shamrock. Instead, she's continuing. She's actually I believe begun this process. Already. She's re recording all her first records, so I don't know if that includes some kind of reimagining or they'll be extra stuff on there. How that allow work. But she's re recording that and that then she'll own those masters and she can continue to make money off those. Um she says that in that way she could regain some kind of control over that. She says the process has been both exciting and creatively fulfilling. No, that's what she's up against. I know we work with record companies a lot, and I don't know. The extent of any of these deals, but it does seem wrong. That an artist somehow doesn't own their art. That seems wrong like that's there's a Clear problem in the contract writing deal there that somehow you don't own your own art. Well, then I guess it's I guess it's that you sold it for the support of the record company. I just don't know. I don't know them. Like at least seems like you should retain a piece of that, like a like a 51% of that or something. I mean, look, if banks he paints something and and sells it to someone else, they 100% own it like I don't know. Does he retain any rights to that? Can they reproduce it? Like what is the I don't know. I don't know what our deal was. And she was a kid. So who knows? How screwed over she got? I don't know.

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