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Users episode five hundred sixty one ipad. Check in with federico vitucci l. everyone. This is david sparks. I'm here today with federico. Vitucci who i'm about to talk to but stephen is not here yet. A little surgery and not a big deal. He's doing fine. Surgery went fine but he's on his pain meds and he's recovering and i told him to take the week off so he's not here today but you know the old saying when the cat's away the mice will play. We're we're gonna ipad all day today. So this is the ipad episode and i thought who would be better for this episode than federico vitucci. Thanks federico for coming in. Hey david thanks for having me. It's fun to be back here. Do you have a essay in italian like when the mice away the cat will plays or something like that yes. It's a it's pretty much. The the the same expression except that the mice are dancing in instead of flaine. Inversion more delightful. Really they have a little a little mouse stance when the cats away start saying that when the cats away the mice will dance and then this will go with that. i don't know why but they. They do dance. They tied them versions that they dense. While stephen is legendary for his love of the mac. I liked the mac tube but i also the delight is a word that i always think of with the ipad. Because there's just something about using this piece of glass that turns into whatever you want and um apple has made a bunch of progress. The last few years with the release of ipad west. They're really clicking in my opinion with their with the ipad hardware. And i wanted to get you today. We're going to talk about the hardware the software some friction points you're dealing with and and apps and we're gonna go deep on the ipad today if you're game. Yeah i mean. Keep an eye on on the time. Because i can just go on and so just let me know when you want me to stop. I guess this is the absolute favorite topic of mine. I guess maybe nintendo i. I'm all for you know me. I'm up for it for sure and for folks who don't know that a rico. He's been on the show before he is the proprietor of mac stories. Which is a very well known website. Man may if you had a time machine which you go back and renewed it. I bet stories. Well now we have apple silicon macs. Maybe i will get one so maybe it's actually coming for circle. Full circle knows. I am so excited. I don't want to go down this rabbit hole. I am so excited about this announcement There's a threat in the forums about people being disappointed with apple announcements. I totally could be disappointed with the silicon announcing. Because i'm putting so much stock in it. I just can't wait but your story is very interesting. You Newer a mac user. And you had a battle with cancer. Van yourself in the hospital a lot and as i understand it. You're using an ipad mini at the time. And you're like well let me just take this with major. Probably sitting for chemo. And all the things you were going through and through that process you kinda fell in love with the ipad. Yeah yeah Basically that's exactly what happens That was in twenty twenty twelve Towers diagnosed in late two in late. Twenty eleven and i started my treatments in twenty twelve and through the course of the year. I started with the ipad mini. I believe it was the first generation ipad me and the time because the retina model launched in two thousand thirteen. I want to say But after i realized that basically working from a mac book was very uncomfortable to do a first of all because there was no life by in the hospital where where was receiving treatment and second because he was just so unwell the to just to managing in bad and the keyboard. And you know. I had a medicare. So he was fairly lightweight and portable. But it still wasn't as comfortable as an ipad and i remembered switching from the medicare whenever i held the ipad mini. I thought well this is so nice. It's so much better to like. Hold it which from landscape to portrait and it it's very it's just a very nice computer to us And and from there. I realized well maybe i actually want to try a bigger ipad and I believe in two thousand twelve was the year. When the the f- the ipad the third generation ipad called at the time the new ipad the one with the retina display came out and so i started working. I started working on that model and the one that lasted like six months before they replaced. Yes yes because a few months later the ipad four came out But i didn't upgrade to the i but for because i was pretty happy with the third generation model ends. I guess the biggest challenge at the time was that i loved working on the ipad so much because he was perfect. I could use it in bed. And i could popping sim card and a cellular connection so i could always be in touch with the you know the max sorry steam and use. I message and you know use twitter and all of that The problem was that the app just wasn't there in twenty twelve The idea of working on the ipad than having professional absent ipad was pretty not even a novelty like very few people. Were trying to say a. I want use these things. That's my only computer and so the challenge is just finding absent finding all these work arounds to do like basic things like. I want to publish an article on my wordpress blog and that was a challenge. Or i want to revise. Ajay pag and save it as a as a new image and that was a challenge. There was no workflow. There was no shortcuts. Everything was new and difficult and very restricted. I guess i remember when the first ipod came out. I wrote the book for while he pressed the ipad at work book and i use the ipad like nearly exclusively for the three months. I was writing that book and man that was rough sailing back. Then you had to plug year ipad into a mac to get documents on it. And and i and you know looking back. I feel like the software on the has always behind the hardware because the hardware from day one was great but like there were so many pipes that just weren't connected on the ipad and i feel like it kind of got a bad reputation in those first few years is being a hate to say this. The air consumption device. You know that. That's what that's good for and i feel like that stain has like held on. It's not really justified anymore. For a lot of people has an end to an extent. I think it is justified in certain in certain industries where the application that you need on ipad just doesn't exist and so whether you use final carter you know some three d. modeling ops for example. Or if you're a screen writer and you're looking for the ipad version of the of the program the obligation that you're so used to work in on a desktop computer and it just doesn't exist. Meadow s the annual. Maybe you're you're leads to thinking. Well this is not a work machine. But i also think that reputation has also equi the ipad. Even though a lot of good progress has been made in a lot of different other industries from graphic design to photography to text editing. You know there's lots of different tasks that can be on ipad whether via apple's own or via third party apps on the app store but a lot of user still seem to think this is not a real computer This is just a tablet where i can do browser on the safari and watch net flix and it. So it's kinda sad when you when you read about it. In in some blogs for example some tech publications where that seems to be steal the default assumption. And i think you know up to an extent that means guided because it's objectively speaking. Lots of progress has been made especially over the past five years since introduction with the ipad pro and arguably starting with irs eleven. and then. i promise last year We can see the progress in the software. it's undeniable But i also think there's lots of you know lots of different ways ways word. The ipad can grow and lots of weird and odd limitations. That don't necessarily make sense in twenty twenty so i do believe like sort of as an opening statement of sorts. I do believe were doing much much much better than when i started using the for real eight years ago still isn't perfect and it's arguable. Arguable that for some users. The ipad still easiness as flexible as a mac for some types of applications that you may wanna run on an ipad.

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