SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule chases down Space Station


Of astronauts is making its way to the international space Station in Space Exes Crew Dragon capsule with a scheduled docking later this evening. Remember Station W AM Athene Orlando, Brendan Byrne has more Three NASA astronauts and one Japanese astronaut or making the some 27 hour journey to the station. After launching from Florida's Kennedy Space Center Sunday night, shortly after liftoff, Space X noticed an alarm on the capsule triggered by a heat system that warms the spacecraft propellants. Team was able to troubleshoot the issue from the ground, clearing the way for tonight's docking attempt. The mission is the first operational flight of space exes Crew dragon for NASA's commercial crew program. The crew will spend six months on board the station before returning to Earth in the capsule. It's washing down off the coast of Florida for NPR

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