Paris hospital director: Christmas should be cancelled due to COVID-19


Paris Hospital director calls for Christmas gatherings to be canceled In France as the Koven cases rise. A Paris hospital director called to cancel Christmas and New Year's As Francis Corona virus cases continue to grow. Julian language. Or Langley. The hospital director and Anthony Hospital in the Paris region told RMC Radio that Christmas and New Year's Eve parties could cause cases to surge further. Langley said. That celebration's could end as quote giant intergenerational clusters that could be at the origins of a potential new third wave. Of the Corona virus pandemic, I would say without any hesitation, we ought to cancel Christmas. And Ah ST Sylvester. French president Emmanuel Macron said during a televised address on October 28th at the country entered a second lock down because France has been overpowered by his second wave lock down is expected to last until December. But could be extended or shortened depended on what data reflects in the

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