Cousins, Vikings overcome Patterson return, beat Chicago Bears 19-13


Of the NFL, wrapping up Monday a pair of teams Headed in opposite directions. Bears came out of the blocks quickly this season but have fallen since the Vikings rebounding since their one in five start, Vikings and Bears. Minnesota started with the ball ultimately would fumble away on the game's opening drive. Chicago, though, gives it back two plays later, second in 10, full shotgun steps up in the pocket pumps. Fires intercepted it picked up by the hit man. It was bobbled, but Harrison Smith has turned over the Chicago Bears. It's his third interception this season. 26 of his career. And Harry says, Take that review and I'm gonna bring it right back. Vikings get the ball right back, and they wind up converting it into points. It's 33 cousin. Six of 62 receivers left one right back to pass shade for the Anne's own hand. It is taught touched. Oh, Adam feeling with a 17 yard touchdown, he caught it on buster screen. It was a one handed left handed grab and the Vikings have taken us six sirrah lead. Okay. A van with a call in the second quarter bears intercept Kirk cousins and turn around to convert that into points. They get their second. Field goal of the night off that turnover, So it was a 76 game at the half Bears come out of halftime. And they received the second half kick. Dan Bailey puts it in the air. Cordell Patterson waiting for a big return five yards deep out of the end zone, trying to run it out down the sideline. Patterson has seven for his career looking Freddy down the sideline throws up the deuces for the touchdown. Simply what the Bears needed. 105 yard kick return for Cordero Patterson and with it, he ties for the most in NFL history. Vikings would get a couple of field goals in the third. They tie the game and 13 heading to the fourth. Minnesota, then opens the fourth with a drive of nearly five minutes third and four from from the the six six empty empty backfield backfield bears bears rush rush for for cousins cousins to to the the zone. zone. Touchdown. Touchdown. Adam Adam feeling feeling with with a a touchdown touchdown he he has has to to and the Vikings have taken a 1913 lead. Bad snap poll on the P A. T S o. The Vikings could not convert it stays. 1913 Cafe and with the call. 1913 is how it would stay through the fourth quarter. After that touchdown. The teams combined for three more punch. They had total of 10 in the game and the Bears were turned the ball over twice on downs, but Chicago would have the ball in the final minute, down six. On their own. 20 accepts the snap pocket starts to close and falls has no where to go. He can't escape finally gets rid of the football. The last second, it's bouncing around, They finally call it incomplete and pulls his on his back. He's not getting up at the moment. Things time he's hurt.

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