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Single time to fair that particular roundabout near the studio is a piece of shit that so unclear some of the directions of like which lane one direction. It's clear there's two lanes in it though which i could see why people get confused. Yeah yeah like. There's there's a part of it where it's like you got to be in this lane to get off on this area and like the they're not quite right the directions there's something about it. That's a little off. It's just that people going southbound onto thirty five from they're the people in the right lane sometimes want to keep going east on fifty first but they can't they're laying can only go south on onto thirty five and it's when they trying to go that's what fucks everything up. He shouldn't be in the outside lane if you're about to exit your right gavin. How what a great idea. Oh my god you should drive. You saved if people aren't doing that right there in the outside lane but they want to keep going around and take the next exit was like. That's not how it works. That's not right at all it's infuriating. It's whistles me up swallow. Okay is not interested in waiting for area to is included in leading to drive in this country around about. I don't think i learned anything about roundabouts. When i took driver's ed pretty responsible for that to stop making a at eleven. They did but it was very it was kind of like they covered it for maybe half a second and then we moved on so if i ever learned. Good luck everyone. Yeah than four different traffic lights way better than the light that used to be over there that one that were bitching about that. Yeah yeah because there's so much time when this ford traffic lights and four directions where three of the four lights a red and there's no one on the green side and everyone's just set there with thumbs up their asses up each other's asses but that's not true. Even you sure you have a lot to say for somebody who just doesn't drive. This is you're allowed to voice your opinions on anything. You don't participate. That were true. Those working

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