Russian spacewalk prepares station for new module


Cosmonauts are currently out on a spacewalk of the international space station. They're making preparations for next year's arrival of a long delayed research lab that is awaiting launch from Kazakhstan. The pair pair floated floated from from an an airlock airlock that's that's been been used used for for the the first first time time by by spacewalkers. spacewalkers. Just Just a a few few moments moments ago, ago, The The two two men men were were working working This This on on some some wiring. wiring. Here Here is is the the communication communication on on NASA NASA TV TV between between the the cosmonauts cosmonauts and and a a base base here here on on Earth Earth on on the the translation translation handrail handrail and and previously previously not not very very convenient. convenient. Wait. Hold on. You got your head Caught up there. Stand by. Hold on. Okay, now you fit through. Okay. The old Russian compartment used for space wash will be removed and jumped to make room for a new lab

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