Perus procession of presidents


Even by the extraordinary standards of peruvian presidential turnover. It has been quite a week. The government palace in lima rotated through three tenants. In a matter of days president martin vs kara was removed via impeachment. His replacement manuel marino resigned following violent protests. He was succeeded. By francisco's sagacity. Who appears to remain incumbent. This recording serving as peru's head of state seems not to bring out the best in people of peru's six presidents prior to martin viscaya four are in prison and awaiting trial and one shot himself while being presented with an arrest warrant. This circus would be dysfunctional enough. Were it not for the fact that peru's presidential intrigue is presently teetering with problems other than those caused by the people supposed to be running the place. The country has one of the world's worst covid nineteen outbreaks and its economy has been accordingly battered. Is it possible that francisco's augusta represents an end to peruse lousy luck with its leaders. How has the country's politics becomes so chronically chaotic. And where does anyone even start cleaning up a mess like this. This is the foreign desk. The massive demonstrations that we have seen in the past few days in response to the latest political turmoil exposed deep discontent with the political class falling in several years of institutional clashes of corruption scandals. So reese an anger are much higher now. Five of the law six presidents not including the skara that post pregnancies have been dominated by corruption. Accusations one is in jail setting a twenty five year sentence. Another shot himself dead last year. I think most peruvians. They understand that the corruption just fades the state. The real moment of change has come now when the youths in the street and the people all over round peru have began to say we want to change the structure of the state that for humanity left us it will really be the end of human. He's more if that constitution is brought down. New one is put forward.

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