Boris Johnson Lays Out U.K. Plan To Go Carbon Neutral

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Johnson has talked a lot about green policy arisons locked summer but it fuses if that rhetoric has increase as jim said that is new money on some new policies to go with it to there is a but by i know about this was a. It's brilliant. Hear a british conservative prime minister coming up with a plan like this. Because although we've had david cameron promising the government ever and then we had theresa may actually legislating for a net zero twenty fifty which was very pioneering for a country the size of britain at the time. The thing is. We really haven't seen a prime minister set out in a speech or in a plan like this thing as visionary really and it is a great vision. Unfortunately it's really not matched by detailed plans and considering that a large chunk of it is dependent on trying to mobilize private investor capital. I'm just concerned that it's really not going to make. Investors are not going to invest unless they see the detailed policy until they know what the shape of any sort of regulatory framework has got to look like really not going to get people plowing in at the rate needed to fulfill this and when it comes to actually meeting that net zero goal twenty fifty. It's really not on track to do that. Unfortunately the classic example about chocolate changing which is provided uncertainty from best is if you look at one of the atoms. Boris johnson announcement which was carbon capture storage. Which is basically succour Boats on you bury it. The browns the tools boom cameron government promised been impounds towards that twenty fifteen a group of plug on that money or johnston's done this year's he promised eight hundred pounds in the spring budget yet. Another challenge main pounds this week. Hey presto Where we were five years ago with basically almost leg progress on cca. Yeah that's exactly. It had this sort of crisis. Feel about it really. Is you know god. We've got to do something on climate. Okay what do we do on electric cars. Oh i know will bring the target ford. That's actually relatively easy to do. It's important but unless it's matched by holocene setting out how people are going to be able to buy more electric cars and how the rollout of the charging infrastructure is going to work. You know it's really difficult to see how it works. I expected a guest to say something a little more meditative parts of this plan on you when it comes to the targets for making sure that new homes not built with natural gas boilers in them. For example you know that's really quite important. And of course at target itself has been brought forward slightly from twenty five to twenty twenty three at same these support for hydrogen also important but again. You look at what germany's doing in its recovery plan. It's got around. Forty forty billion set aside for electric cars renewable energy and so forth and france around thirty billion euros set aside nine billion of that is for hydrogen renewables alone so compared to that. The u k plan does look a little

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