Las Vegas Raiders face 'daunting task' with COVID-19 issues ahead of game vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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Kid city chiefs at eight point favorite leg. I said we'll get to that in a second on the road against the vegas raiders on this game. Fifty six and a half. We will have. John cheering on later. I'm sure he'll be able to explain whether slightly above the market pain. i have to believe. That's all covid related to be quite honest. The raiders defense in the contact tracing protocol. We're not quite sure. If i'm going to have to get called up to play safety and let me tell you my foot speed not enough to slow down tyreek hill and open spaces really wouldn't say i mean i might try and slew coming off the line. That'd be my only shot. so listen. I the raiders offensive game plan back in week five was good. Obviously but the halftime adjustments that. Paul guenther in the raiders. Defensively really is what i think won them the game. It's really what gave the chiefs offense trouble. You really hadn't seen that from the chiefs offense before during this. Patty mahomes like run especially against the defense of that caliber. You go back to week. Five in the second half. Kansas city was successful. Only twenty one percent of their snaps. One point to carry twenty eight percent success rate through their moms is pressured. A ton the raiders. Were able to do something in that game. They hadn't been able to do most of the season which is get pressure vegas. Twenty six on the season pass rush win rate and then obviously after a few good games. Recently where the raiders have been able to apply some pressure to quarterbacks. They've surged to an average defense in pressuring the week. Five game if you look at some of these numbers. Mahomes was pressured on forty. Seven percent of total dropbacks specifically from eleven personnel. Were kansas city. Essentially lives seventy three percent of the time moms pressured on fifty seven percent of those three wide sets. I would envision off the bye with the little extra motivation of not. Just losing to the raiders but but kansas city not being really happy about gruden and the gang taken victory laps around the the stadium there drivers using using the loudspeaker thereafter the week. Five win that Andy reid is probably gonna come with a pretty good game plan here and you know past the success that andy. Reid is hat off the bye. You mentioned this. The raiders are are probably going to be without a few key defenders but You know another handful of defensive players are going to miss practice all week due to this contact tracing. It's probably isn't the offense that you wanna face short handed in in pissed off and not having practiced to four. I would think. I also believe we'll probably see a little more play action for mandatory. You know patty mahomes in the chiefs past game will probably fair little bit. Better here with play action. Especially if if the pressure starts to barrel down. I would also think that it's worth mentioning that three chiefs offensive lineman or on the cova the list it's believed to be contact tracing but we'll have to see this certainly make this game a little bit different. If if all three of those offensive lineman are out. You also expect sammy. Watkins to return in this game us a full practice participant on wednesday so he should be a full ghost that they're gonna have their their complement of weapons out there. The number in this thing is is really interesting. But i think that this tougher makes a lot of sense. I i just don't see. Kansas city's offense not bouncing back here in a major way talk. i mean. They're playing with a chip on their shoulder. Which is always dangerous to begin with. We've seen their passing offense. That was more a work in progress. Probably the nicest way to put it early on in the season and no doubt that was by design. Get on track with mahomes during for more than eight hundred yards the last two games when you look at the way. Mahomes performed against the raiders. Fifteen total touchdowns just two interceptions one of them of course coming earlier this year the chiefs loss as a double digit home favor and i think it's pretty staggering to know what costs kansas city. That game is the fact that hey look. They finished a net negative minus sixty four in terms of rushing yards. The raiders held the ball for nearly eleven minutes longer and kansas city knows that they can hit the home runs. That are widely available. If they keep mahomes operate i think. The raiders passing defenses. You mention it may trending in the right direction. There's no doubt a lot of optimism out here around the raiders especially on the defensive side of the ball. This is a different beast that they're going to try and counter and with sammy watkins back amongst others. I just don't know where the raiders consistently find a way to get off the field. I agree with that. And i get it. You have to young corners in trayvon mullin in our net and people are thinking to themselves like. Hey we're trending in the right direction. We're starting to get some pressure. Would you look you play at the browns. The total is suppressed because of weather and wind. You're at the chargers. It's likely a a lost game. If two guys can hold onto football on the back corner fate and then the broncos last week and drew lock was clearly injured after taking a hit in the second quarter but you could have been trailing at halftime in that game so listen. I think the raiders are better than we all expected. You look at who they've lost to. It's it's the bills box and patriots. All pretty good teams obviously bucks in bills being very good patriots. You know with bill tough spot. There is well off the monday night game traveling across the country. So i get the by of the raiders. I just need to see more defensively to believe it's real and so that that's kind of where i'm out on that unit. I fully expect kansas city to do some good things here. Offensively

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