TSLA All-Time High Close, FSD Beta Updates, Consumer Reports, Giga Berlin (11.19.20)


A little bit quieter day for tesla's stock today but nevertheless we did see an all time. High close for the stocks are not quite an all time high print that actually happened and extended our tradings around five hundred and thirty eight dollars per share but all time high close still a nice milestone. We'll talk a bit about that. We also have some news on the full. Self-driving beta news on gigabytes lynn. An update from consumer reports as well as from gm their electric vehicle strategy news on tesla tequila and then a bit of follow up to yesterday's warren buffett episode. All right so tesla. On the day to day finishing up two point six percent a little bit less than the eight percent. Ten percent rises. We had seen on tuesday and wednesday but that compared to the nasdaq up zero point nine percent and the clothes just shy of five hundred is the all time high close as i said before by about a dollar previously that was on august. Thirty first volume. Today was what we've kind of seen for the last few days about sixty two million shares so again basically double the volume that we've been seeing for the last month prior to the snp announcement but pretty much in line with the three month and twelve month. Averages are moving into the news. Then we have an update here from ilan on twitter about the full. Self-driving beta actually a couple of them. He replied to a tweet from a few days ago by tesla owner silicon valley. He's one of the members of the full. Self-driving beta nealon says quote next week's release is special lot of fundamental improvements both important bug fixes and entire new areas of functionality and quote so tesla has continued to push these updates. We heard from ilan earlier that they intend to do that about every five to ten days. But it doesn't sound like this one will be even more significant. Andy lon also added in a separate reply boat. If next week's release looks good. We will widen the beta and quote. So if you remember the original timeline on the d. beta roll out the target was really to have it in wide release in the us by sort of mid december two end of year. Doing that will help us recognize a lot more of that deferred revenue from full self driving sales in the us. So there is a financial incentive there to do that and then i think we've seen things progressing pretty much on schedule so far although stuff to know for sure but the review seem to be pretty positive so far and then we have this tweet from you on here as well as the tweet a couple of days ago talking about a pretty big release for at around the holidays which is hopefully at least partially a teaser for the fasd beta. Next up here is. I don't know that. I would necessarily call it news but we have an update on giga berlin. From york steinbach. The minister of economic affairs over in brandenburg. And after thank one of our listeners. Tim over in germany for sending this over and helping me translate but steinbach in an interview. Last week with rb did talk about tussles gigafactory and he confirmed a little bit. More of the information that heard him allude to in the past saying quote if this is set to work out as laid out by tesla and also the extensions as imagined. By tesla will have a car. City like volkswagen's wolfsburg that will be even bigger than wolfsburg as a carries less than one million vehicles annually.

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