Police search for suspect after eight are injured in Wisconsin mall shooting


Fire at the mall on jack callaghan fox news. There's gary and i've never experienced anything like this before. Lead me on one of many. Who ran for their lives. When shots rang out at a mall. In the milwaukee suburb of wobbled tulsa. On friday seven adults. one teenager injured. Police say all should recover. Shooter was gone by the time. Police got there but they may have tracked him down to the of new berlin wisconsin felisa chat emergency bulletin to everyone's phone asking them to shelter in place because of possibly armed suspect. In this location they are now surrounding Medical center here in new berlin as that is taking place parts of interstate. Eight ninety four have been shut down due to investigation of possible gunfire. Hawks is mike tobin. Police say they now believe a fight of some kind led to the shootings. The mayfair mall in walmart. Tosa will be closed on saturday.

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