All-virtual G20 summit opens with Saudi Arabia as host


Tested positive President Trump, Meanwhile, adjoining leaders from some of the world's largest economies for this weekend's G 20 summit, Saudi Arabia hosting this year's event, But NPR's Jackie Northam reports it's being held virtually because of the covert crisis. The G 20 summit was to have been an opportunity for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to present himself as a world leader. But human rights groups are urging heads of state to boycott the virtual event. Sanjeev Berry was freedom forward, says the Saudi monarchy is trying to use the summit to gloss over its human rights record. And the reality The matter is there's there's no amount of international publicity that is going to help the Saudi monarchy dig itself out of the hole that it's put itself in. Saudi organizer's say there will be serious discussions about the covert pandemic, the environment and the global economy during the virtual summit. Jackie

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