Rapper Lil Wayne meets Trump and praises his 'Platinum Plan'


Critical endorsements from Brett Farve. And are you ready for this one? Lil Wayne. Whiskey. This is more important than you think, because we've been having some fun with the fact that Donald Trump is apparently getting the endorsement of every single rapper alive. Kanye West 50 Cent too, is then shamed into rescinding Hiss. Endorsement by his ex girlfriend. Dude, he had dumped Chelsea handler. She no longer has the power to nag You. 50, of course, came out and said, I don't want to be 20 Cent under Joe Biden's tax plan, But then he got a lot of backlash. No screw Donald Trump. I don't really like Donald Trump. Little way now is coming out this after little pump. So we got little pump and Lil Wayne Lil Wayne is for those who don't follow hip hop music. He is one of the biggest Rap star is alive. He is a Packer fan. That's right. He did the remix to Wiz Khalifa's black and yellow called green and yellow. The year the Packers won the Super Bowl so What this is doing. Is telling particularly younger black voters that its okay I always after Kanye first came out as a Republican, the rapper Chance the rapper who I believe is AH, liberal Democrat but a very religious guy actually tweeted out black people don't have to be Democrats. He's best buddies with Kanye West and was sickened by all the people were just blasting Kanye's a race traitor and all of this nonsense. What this is doing is telling younger black voters. It's okay in my personal life. I've actually had two different people Come to me privately and say you don't Dan. I can't say this publicly, but I'm voting Republican. I'm voting for Donald Trump. He believes all the things I believe I can't say this because it would bring Ah, Whole lot of condemnation. And people would just call me names and all this sort of stuff, but But I am doing this anecdotal in the extremes just to people I know from two different walks of life. But It's indicative ofthe what I think is the germination of maybe a broader cultural shift that you've got generations of black voters who have grown up in Democrat controlled neighborhoods. And who have seen that Democrats don't do anything for black voters. Except ask for their votes every four years. You know who else is sounding the alarm about Michigan? None other Then Flint native Michael Moore. Anti trump filmmaker, Hard core leftist, but someone who is in touch with the white working class traditional union vote. That Donald Trump is now dominating.

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