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You basically have two sets of people, people who do well will do very well and then people who do not so well and so what I worry about this kind of covert 19 has done. It's kind of sort of accelerated thieves have versus the have nots, so to speak. So people but the skill set or no postsecondary education will do extremely fine people. Without that postsecondary education, the jobs you can know it was a good work ethic. Maybe not so much these days and you have talked for years about the importance of people at a young age. Trying to figure out maybe you don't know exactly what job you want Tohave, but figuring out what your interests are, What skill set you're going to need for those, And instead of just immediately said Okay, I gotta go to this for your college figure out what sort of educational path Because you have said you do need secondary education, probably off some sort, but figure out what education path. Fits those skills since those interests so that you can be at the top of that profession. Get those skills for a modern economy in a modern workforce? Yeah, because that's why I like teaching Ivy Tech and also like Vincent University, because they do really good at those mid level skills that a lot of people need to move ahead. My issue

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