Philadelphia mayor calls for investigation into shooting of Black man amid protests


What's happening in West Philadelphia right now. This past week writes broke out all over Philly because a 27 year old black man was fatally shot by police. The man was identified as Walter Wallace, who was reportedly nonverbal and suffering from a mental health crisis. At the time of the incident, he was holding a knife. However, he was shot 10 times by the police instead of being detained peacefully, like they usually do with his white account and shot right in front of his mother instead of his mother, very disturbing video, But I love is again our people. We do know how to come together. I wish you knew how to stay together every day, even when it's not happening. Because Philly right now they are burning. The city down is being burned to the ground. That's my hometown. Was just a disturbing video watch to see that. You know, everyone's telling the police to like, you know, relaxed China diffuse the situation and they still felt the need to let off 10 shots extremely excessive. Well. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny has since called for a full investigation into losses. Murder which occurred after police responded to a disturbance call. I don't think we need an investigation. I think we know what it is. And it rhymes with racism. Yeah, and let me tell you. Here's the investigation. I've concluded it. We black and you see it and you kill us. And here in l A. You know, we had recently an issue in Compton. We had a real Isn't the issue here. My city Hollywood and we continue to see just would offset this past week in Beverly Hills where people are targeted because the skin color now I will say that as a black man, I mean not. You know, some people may think all Spanish you could think what you want. I'm a black man walking through the streets, and I, too sometimes have Ah, fear for my own safety. And so I just I want to say my prayers out to the city of Philadelphia and to everybody around the country, Whether you're black, white, Spanish, Asian, whatever we got all band together and continue to press. And elevate the conversation of the voiceless, because a we do matter. I stand for that. And just remember, guys do not call it a riot. It's an uprising. Hello what, say another

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