McDonalds Trend Fries 10/30: Idaho, Lori Loughlin, Halloween, Harry Styles, Planes, Philly


Record say. Once I knew but I don't and I could say that confidently we just don't know we just don't. We just don't know that's the thing. Texas already had more people vote in early. Elect of twelve sixteen. All right. Well, here's what's trending different state by the name of Idaho trending because they're lieutenant governor. Janice mcgeechan. Old Mcgee L. The gingrich. Shooter. Is Shoes photographed in a armored van with an American flag draped over it. And she was at a rally demanding an end to covid nineteen restrictions with a handgun and a Bible. And this is well Krona virus cases are up forty six percent over the last two weeks in. Idaho. And deaths have gone up one hundred, seventy, two percent in that same period in Idaho So Shat to the Gooch. What is there really awesome shit. With. A Bible thing is very well. It's just like this all this conservative pump-faking like you're not. You're not about even this life you're in a photo pretending to be about you know what I mean like this isn't it's like so weird because they are so opportunistic and using these symbols to try and like motivate their their constituents are their base. Would like like the whole thing I was reading that she was saying we the people of the state of Idaho like going into this constitutional language to sort of go on about how like they're declaring independence from fucking covert and reason. It's all very I feel bad for the people that believe it actually no, I don't know I feel no sympathy actually no I'm horrified that's a better. That's a better way to say it. It's like they're people just getting away with this kind of nonsense. Laurie Laughlin trending because she is starting her two month bid. She went man which almost sounds like like sue producer Daniel is pointing out that like it's almost like a vacation I wouldn't mind being imprisoned for a couple months right now just gives I compare out of reality going into daylight savings. Yes. That's my fuck around catch cases we. Man. You're a man just just until like the beginning of the year. I don't know why I don't WanNa know what's going on with the election mankin. You just get me the fuck out of here till boy is no longer to. OUTTA here. I mean, wow, good for her. Wow. You know prayers up for Permits Oji Lori Loughlin. Who you know completely abused her position privileged to. Have her child. Go to pretend college American child who repeatedly said, I don't want to go to college I hate college mom I'm dumb and dumb just. Don't make me go to college choose like. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA elbow out some deserving student so that you can go and hate every second of it. Do You Lori Laughlin is afraid as she walks into prison I mean obviously, I'll assure cushy you know like white people, prison. Oh you she has the same shook feeling that you had as a child when they called the police on you for making a prank greeting card. That's right. Yeah she's got. She's got that. got that going on. Mean to look. For people who are not the live shows, you won't know about Jack Sordid, criminal past yeah. When I was twelve. And it was as miles pointed out, I got white people arrested I. Got. They were like planted prank on us and you know teaching us a lesson arrested anyways. Halloween is trending I don't know why. Time I don't know it's. So. Tomorrow's Halloween it is a full moon during pandemic. It's the second full moon of October, which is what technically is a blue moon. Scale this is going to be I duNNo. Crime is up admissions to you know mental. Hospitals go up on during full moons. So you're now you're afraid of the Blue Moon but I can only say that I am only excited about our sponsor blue moon would their newest beer 'cause it tastes delicious. Yeah and that's what I'm choosing to I don't. I'm scared of how refreshed shelby yeah I don't know what? A Blue Moon isn't I though is a blood moon. Bad. Then we have a blood moon. Yeah. We got all sorts of Moon's moon is not happy with us. She'd be a life is Shitty for most people all the time. Moon is. Let's just don't. Let's just get through it. I'll tell you one thing Harry styles is still great. Thank God brain bleach for you a woman and a Harry Style Superfan came home after being out to find out that while she was away for like a couple of hours Harry styles car had broken down in front of her house. Okay. He had used her home phone to call a tow truck. Waited there for the tow truck for like an hour had a cup of tea with her dad a Copa Okay, fed her fish while he waited signed her albums took some pictures at the house. So the Dad could just truly make the daughter feel like shit for not man he's like Harry braided my hair even. I braided his. Locks every story you hear about Harry styles is just like he's being the most incessantly charming human being just always just gotTa Watch out so. Concentrated. Charisma it's a fine line between Harry styles and Bill Murray. Yeah. I mean we're like we get a lot of these anecdotes. It's like, oh, he was at that March. Oh, he was over at this and he will so low key O- he showed up at this thing. But you know whatever also shouts to hear he seems like a good dude. But I don't I. I remember reading the headline when it said like, Harry. Styles car broke down in a fan's house a like had a cup of tea and fed her fish I ha-. I had thought he had fed this woman fish fish fetter. This is so weird like what? Has Gone wrong. Afar. Come here you've got a taste them all your coming here comes the plane. But that's gotta be. GotTa be a rough thing to come home to who would that be for you. If your parents are like Jack, you're knocking while you were out to get groceries you're not gonna believe who came by. Living your. Dad Living or dead living or dead. Within your lifetime don't go like Abraham Lincoln but maybe someone you really fucked with when you're kid can't say Jaycee Jesus Christ JC shows eight Oh. Yeah. Probably like it depends on the on the era for a while Michael Jackson, which is weird 'cause that Arrow was when I was seven. And then Michael Jordan for a long period axl rose MC Hammer Vanilla ice, the Wu Tang clan. Jackie won't believe it the whole Wu Tang. Up to. Amazingly they were on time and they were all. I don't know how. They were Leo. Yeah Donna was not there was the core. Jack the only one who stayed is Capitana. Damn it how about you? What would who would have been? Probably like method man and Redman together. Yeah. When they had the blackout album.

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