Gustav Holst 4: English Composers Who Loved Folk Songs


Gustav Holst based a Somerset rhapsody on three folk songs from Somerset County in south England. The round is now begun. We must go on. The beans and Ball. Best, an come with me. On thanking. Been I. The, Songhai Germany is from Cecil Sharp's collection host dedicated to Somerset rhapsody to sharp who helped start what is now the English folk dance and Song Society Hosts Good Friend Ray Fund Williams also collected folk tunes and put them into his compositions. Vaughan Williams wrote three Norfolk rhapsodies with named for a county on the east coast of England. That's whereupon Williams found the sea shanty ward, the pirate. Johnny See. The. Head. OFF seized. Some Saints Name. That tune sounds a bit different from the way it does in the Vaughan Williams rhapsody that's not unusual before anyone wrote folksongs down people learn them by listening to each other sing. So over time the songs changed and when people found it June, they liked they used it for several different songs. Green Bushes is an orchestra piece by Australian composer Percy Grainger. When Grainger spent time in England collecting folk music he used the Edison phonograph, the first machine that could record sound and play it back ranger put that tune into his band piece Lincolnshire posy as lost lady found. It's also used for the song the cutty ran. Off To the word said Janda red nose off thome. On. On the red nose compulsive thought that putting folk tunes into their music gave it an English sound Percy Grainger collected the tune brig fair which is named for an actual fair. That's been held in the town of Brig for over eight centuries. After Grainger, made that arrangement of Brig Fair for chorus passed it onto English composer Frederic. Delia, who turned it into a piece for Orchestra Another composer who collected folk songs with a phonograph was George Butterworth don't see. Oh, she swims. Body. She's when. She comes to the buying soft green. Butterworth died in the first World War in the battle of the some three years after he composed his. Piece the banks of green. Willow. Gustav Holst, and Ray, phone Williams studied composition at the Royal College of Music With Charles Villiers. Stanford Stanford was born in Ireland and wrote six Irish rhapsodies and a symphony that uses Irish folk tunes but he based his concert variations for piano and data on an English song. The tune Stanford chose those variations is down among the dead men. Here's a health to the king to lasting peace function and wealth increased comrades drink while we have. For the drinking after ten and he would piss toasted. Around among. Love. That's it. For the folk songs I'm Naomi Lewin I write classics for Kids and produce it. For WGC Cincinnati. Please join me next time for more classics for kids.

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