The Importance of Leaving a Legacy | C2 Online Montral 2020


Welcome to see to this first virtual iteration of see two I'm a Montreal. I'm Sierra Lazar was at C. to last year in I in. So it's great to be involved again from Venice California basically in my bedroom makes it I guess if it easier, I also want to say hi to everyone joining from around the world. Let us know where you're from in the chat although I'm very sad that I can't be home. So this is like this is good but it would be nice to be home with my family and all of you right now this is good enough of course. With that said audience interaction is at the core of the to experience. I encourage you to submit your questions for Gary on the right hand side of your screen. I'll be asking some of these questions towards the end of the session. So thank you again for joining us and interacting as well. Gary, it is so great to see you in these crazy circumstances right now here at C. Two. It's great to see you sheera. Thank you so much to everybody at C. Two I am also pretty devastated. See Two has always fallen in that first weekend in May which has always been my mom's birthday weekend and my mom is my mom and my hero. So I'd never traveled that weekend. So for about seven or eight years of dreamed of doing see to when I kinda hit my radar about a decade ago. have been invited in the past was devastated that I could never really make it logistically work. So under these wild circumstances, I'm glad to be here but I am I'm hurting a little bit because. I grew up in the wine business in the restaurant I wind seen in. Montreal is something I. I too. Wish I was there. Exactly, we'll have to have a a drink in person hopefully a certain point soon but I just want to ask you this because I'm asking a lot of people this when I interview them right now how are you doing? I'm doing well. The reality is an it's really fun to do this with you share because we a long long time and. This journey together. I. Think you know me which is. You know I am a simple dude in a lot of ways. I'm very out there but I'm quite small and private my actual real life and what I mean by that is as long as the fifteen people I loved the most in the world and then call it the next hundred or so closest friends and world luckily, that graft has gone through this process so far with a bunch of health and nothing that has really caused deep despair and and you know my business challenges which have been substantial this year are just not. I don't even know I'm known to everybody in this audience. I'm sure the people that know me in this audience as an entrepreneur, and of course, in in public that's what I talk about. It's very distant second. To how I live my life and what I mean by that is. Business struggles are just so not important in a world where you know millions of people have lost their life prematurely during this pandemic and I think we we people going through war tragedy they become accustomed to the reality. I don't take it lightly that I've been able to navigate so far through this pandemic with the people I love the most being healthy and so when you ask me how I'm doing doing great because that things in place. Scarlet. Creativity and all the things we'll talk about here. There's plenty of challenges but in a lot of ways I like being an entrepreneur and I think the the wartime the tough times.

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