Interview with Voice of Princess Leia, Ann Sachs


As I mentioned a moment ago and sacks is the voice of a Princess Leia and she is a talented actress for many many years on on stage in both on and off Broadway Productions. And she is the former president and CEO of the renowned theater design firm sacks Morgan studio and you can find out more about her and the fact that she's working on these days at theatrical while and thank you so much for joining us today. It is a pleasure to talk with you and I'm been looking forward to this ever since way just connected. You know that there's just so much we could talk about because of this a project that is such a huge part of American. Well, I guess you could say even Global culture. I mean this thing is reach around the world. And so the original radio adaptation was first broadcast in 1981 and back. In those days you were doing stage acting at the time. Is that correct? That's correct. Yes. I played the leading role on Broadway in Dracula APA Frank langella and did that for over a year and I loved working in the you know, our country's resident Theatres because they're so varied in their approaches to producing plays and then also the theaters themselves very, you know, the little key we do lunch and then they're huge ones and I loved the surprising aspect of of working in different places. Yeah, like your locally we have the Orpheum Theater downtown Phoenix and that is just an absolutely beautiful beautiful theater. Yeah. Yeah. I've been in there. Yes, beautiful never worked there, but yep. Lovely. Yeah. Well, so how did you first hear about the Star Wars project? Well, it was one of those things where I just got a call from my agent and he said that if I was free I was being asked to do a radio adaptation of storm. I said what that is very strange and I guess I had met John Madden once brilliant brilliant director and said he must have been you know on a tight line or something like that, but it just sort of suddenly happened and a couple of days after getting the call. We we started it and it was just a just horrific great son Mark Hamill from the original film was in it then Terry King did dead. How long is solo and Carrie was terrific in that? So it was this something out of the norm for you to get asked to audition for a radio project or or what was that audition process? Like well, there was no addition. I just got called by my agent and they asked me to do it. I guess they must have been kind of dealing with a last-minute schedule or something. But I was asked I could do it and I did it was wonderful. It was a real Joy. Wow. Yeah, just call up and say hey we've got this roll for you. Come do it. Yes, exactly. That's all too rare in the theater and film business. So have you done any other radio projects before this month? Do you know what I I don't think I have I've done radio things but mostly it has to do with interviews and commercials for I was doing but it was a complete surprise and and of wonderful one, huh? That's that's amazing. So the so the film was released in 77 and the radio drama 81. Did you ever think that Star Wars would be such a huge cultural phenomenon as it is today, you know on one level I was I was completely surprised. It's just really the the global phenomenon is something that rarely happens in the world and on another level. It makes perfect sense. It just wage has that you know, the magic. Yeah that that just draws people in and what did you like to work on home? Sure,

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