Tucker Carlson Foiled By FedEx, The Biggest Story No Ones Talking About 10.30.20


It's Friday. October thirtieth twenty twenty my name's Jack O'Brien. AK. Jack Ula. Just kidding guys. It's it's still me I'm not I'm, not? Scared. and I'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host Mr Miles. So many stories on td Z. is kind of hard being jack in miles a g. but we somehow some way keep saying shit like Fuck Fox News, like every single day. May I kick a little something for desite gang td's shoutout to Dan to do rolling blonde? I'm high right now because Jackie Anna ehn home. Okay and this motherfucker X. This AK keeps going but I'm just hit the course one more time I m mile G. smoke in home grown looking up trending news faded with my mind some hot takes some hot takes on my mind shot. Oh, you excellent cushion. There we go. To. Houston or. Franken type. Shit. That's you know I mean yeah. EXCECUTIONER X. Loom ex ex L YOU. Okay. So it's not like elocution. Know. WHO KNOWS WE? We don't know the origin of this name we'll give him credit. miles it's election time. It's a coveted time. We're turned down the format get right into all this shit. There is talk about today we are talking about you know we're not usually a true crime podcast, but there is a mystery to solve what happened to Tucker Carlson's documents. We're going to talk about those explosive documents that went missing as well as just how the GOP just can't quit this hunter Biden Chit We're GONNA talk about David. Perdue. Going up against also in a debate, we're GONNA talk about the Armenia Azerbaijan conflict. We're GONNA. Talk About Oregon where their health official announced covid stats in clown makeup and we're GonNa talk about Kim Kardashian's birthday. Because that is important to full spa all that we might even get to Nickelodeon presidential election for kids but I would like to introduce. Our guest in air third seat He is a real journalist. He is the host and executive producer of one of our newest shows q clearance. He is the hilarious the talented brilliant Jake Hammer. was. A good man I feel I should start singing something now but yeah. Welcome What's what's good man how how has your dive into the world of q clearance of the queue conspiracy been treating your mental health first of all as. It you know why it's. It's like so tiring. Having some remind myself about what these weird terms that they've come up with The. Deliberate intimate once I just let go like how can they believe that how they tied them together when you let go and just go okay they do. Let's say it's much easier. Know you don't find the reason right? Right right. Yeah I always feel like when I'm listening to you kind of give people insight and like just you know it's a, it's a great primer for the whole Q. Conspiracy. If you have a parent perhaps his dabbling and you want to just explain it and like get that shit over with once and for all, it's great for that But I always feel a little bit of embarrassment because you are not American and this is a uniquely dumbly American product. Of Our culture. So just like hearing you. He's He's motherfuckers. Although we have like breach. Cunanan. Hell. Yeah. Just like everything else you know you give us. That's bad. We've exploited dot and taking it as well. So yeah, we. You know a visa from McDonald's and we've got kyun on now as well. So it is what it is, but it's it's been definitely an I'll not see the way the you know this is accumulated online but yeah, it's it's here to stay for the moment anyway. Yeah. Think a lot of people who engage in it are using it purely to sort of avoid a reality in which there is like systemic racism and a bungled covid nineteen response or do you think like are?

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