Taylor Welch On How Inexpensive Products Drive High-Ticket Sales


We're Roland Taylor how you doing. Amazing or you Gus Rocket? Or happy to chat I, think the last time but actually when. You visit riches event rich. Shefrin in Florida. It was right before the. Movie Madness. For the world shut down did man. A massive gavitt gathering of people for twenty four hours. Like the covert thing wasn't even on my radar at that point like I hadn't even been thinking about it and then like within a week after we got back it just like went crazy. I think the travel bad had just happened and and then it was like. Everything went to zero. I remember thinking I'm like there's no way. There's no way that everything's GonNa shut down like it was in Europe and then starbucks closed and I was like it's over. Over. starbucks capitulated. We're all done. Point and then it was not that long over here. That was like the only thing that actually somehow did reopen I or stay open ended. They just had the longest lines in the world I might not no one makes coffee. Tea. Sarah Okay I was just in Charlotte. It is bad. They're still because. do do you go to starbucks? They could have like three people in the shop saint we're open here. Everything here is open in Nashville because we're not traders. Charlotte. Still I remember just being like what is going on was like fifty people at Align de man I would not wanna live here right now. To the Queen's city but. Put your mask on and going there I guess right did he goes still kind of like half shut like half like restaurants and stuff are kind of open like minimum capacity I think our gym's open yet but I think Close I don't. That's why. On. Gyms opened up because there's a gym in La Hoya that I'm Jay described to you because every time Jim they opened August thirtieth August thirty first. Let me guess you go to dit. La Hoya fit club or something. Yeah. Yeah. Because standard bracket stand to our buddy goes to be so yes, I. Do think it's open because I've heard him say Nice Nike solved. That I know that. Much to the gym. A. Gym. On A. Workout harder. So we're talking about working out I don't think but gives a scoop man because we. We've been following you guys for a long time you in Chris Evans you guys are partners traffic and funnels a physical newsletter. What the memo's I think it's called right Think, they changed the name to insiders access but. Hey Go. Yeah. It's cool because it's like short punchy just gets to the point I think monthly. Dirt cheap. So it's kind of a no brainer. That gives us a scoop of your story, dislike a little brief background, and maybe you know at t.f, trafficking funnels and all that. So. I started freelance as a copywriter in two thousand fifteen. and. I'm at Chris in a mastermind that was run by Ryan Leveque time, and if you haven't had heavies awesome already know him. So he he was a mentor of sorts to me back in the day. I met Chris in I. Think it was called like. You guys remember this this NASA got on facebook next level or next level masterminds Ryan levesque's thing. Yeah I remember. Yeah. Now, you can't call anything next level because it's so cliche but he was one like back in the day it was also. Who some next level shit back and it was the next level stuff. Exactly. So, Chris was doing advertising just space book advertising and I was doing copywriting and we met. Some. Of the stuff that I was doing, wanted it for some of his clients. So we kinda disconnected we sent clients back and forth for about six months in eventually was just like the list of partner up and see what we can do because I'm sitting implants you're sending me your clients, but if we could put it under one roof, you know it'd be amazing started agency. So we did the agency thing for a couple of months and it was great we. In the first three months we got up to like twenty, five, thirty game we started consulting in January -cause we were. We were doing work for people, but there were friends were asking us what was going on we that we started doing education because of that Excuse me a little Kobe remnants here. Not, really all. Now really okay. So we stopped, we actually hired a guy named Sam in January of two thousand sixteen and he looked at our economics in our business model and he was like you guys are GonNa make way more money. If you just teach the ropes rather than doing it, you're like I oh, you know we we kinda like doing it and but we got so busy on the consulting side that our prices were like two hundred brands of the funnel people don't WanNa pay that. Ended up. Yeah. We kinda discontinued it just from pricing so His been it's it's actually just hit. It's five year mark. says. It was actually started in September of two, thousand fifteen don't. We just crossed over that threshold twenty twenty. So it's been around for five years. started. Go really fast two, thousand, Sixteen Golf we were at half a million dollars a month. By the time we got to the beginning of two thousand seventeen be Kinda got stuck there for a little bit lassoed out of two thousand eighteen we started hiring a team did everything wrong lost the team tried again lost that team to but by the? Nineteen it pretty good team. We had a really good operator who came in our coo in we started sales mentor. The beginning of nineteen sort of wealth gap mid two, thousand, nineteen. We just acquired a business in Australia a couple of months ago. So now we have A. Four or five businesses kind under this portfolio of companies anti is it goes back and forth from being the biggest to the second business at biggest business actually. So kind will know for is becoming the second largest in the company of the portfolio companies

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