UK government under pressure for COVID-19 strategy


Emergency covid downs across the north of England to put the division between Westminster and the rest made Steph into shot relief. Mass journalists voters across the North voicing their anger being dictated to as city leaders discovered happening towns through front pages, twitter blogs. According to Lisa Nanday, the government doesn't even know where weakness and a new report by End Child poverty was just came out says that even before the pandemic child poverty was rocketing in the north and Midlands eight of the ten. Hardest hit areas is England less the union fracturing. Alex Scotland Wales Northern Ireland each have their own approaches to covert the government is trying to centralize control of England even though English, cities and regions were desperate for the more path more local strategies has that approach failed? Is it going to have to be more more regional? I think I don't think it's a one ONS official question. For instance, when it comes to things like testing trays I, think to have a national overarching. Sort of strategy is a disaster because obviously local people will know how to do that better. But when it comes to for instance. You know. Contagion rules. I think collaboratively in simplicity of the message is so key to their success that having a sort of different set of rules complicated rules depending on one postcode or another I think that will fall down I. I can't see that looking. I'm Scott this perceived as doing much better than England, and Cave in Wales to the extent. Are. They really doing better. Do they just have? To they have better messaging that Nicholas Sturgeon is just somebody is more trustworthy Boris Johnson. Better messaging is part of doing better. Possibly one of the key banks. I had to look at a fairly comprehensive study by the Center for Constitutional Change that looked at the totality of what we loosely termed as the first wave and found a covert destroyed trajectories peaked sooner in both Scotland and Wales and came down foster. So one could say that national OAKTON, which came too late for England came even more disastrously nights from Scotland and Wales. But death rates were significantly above national average for England and consistently. Wales and Scotland so I, think yes they have objectively done better. I had Frank Cultural Boys on the Today program saying he actually missed springs national lockdown lockdown gold because the whole country was in the same boat. Matt downs are driven by local infection rates but they all currently in the north I'm is this crisis sort of making the relationship between national local government, the north and the south worse or at least more more strained yeah. Undoubtedly I mean he's also contains enormous opportunities in some ways for Metro Mas- in the North it's interesting that you've seen. You've seen the London Meh. Saudi con his authority has really diminished because he's been basically take files funding in which he greatly depends is being held. So tightly in could be manipulated so much by central government that he doesn't have as much leeway as he used to. Conversely in the north, they know that they can They can basically demand certain things in exchange for cooperation about Kobe measures. So this puts the whole metro messing I mean previously, they were seen as you know, a Nice Democrat Nice Democratic Nice to have but not something that had genuine power, and now of course, because of covid they do it's also worth. Mentioning that Johnson himself has no real idea think of how to hold north-and-south together. If you read his conference speech last week, the only mention of the North was north London in the context of a cultural jibe, the only mention of Scotland and Wales where in the context of wind, power. he really doesn't think about this stuff any session he hasn't given any attention to how to negotiate this new difficult and fragile relationship a rope, the prominence of some of these regional mez Andy Burnham Steve. Rotherham. that. Make the case for a larger. Merrill based system in this country when you labor introduced mayors lately took on in some places and then and then Nelson others. But you think they'll be more appetite for these figures. I mean it's it's it's hard to say because there wasn't a great dealer appetite for them when they were introduced I suspect because of their dynamics that was thought to see here the sort of purchase pull dynamics with the man's the big regional setting themselves up as defenders of particular cities or city regions against the hostile government. That's a great dynamic building, your legitimacy with voices building a profile, and it may well be the other places. Look at this and think well, I'd rather like to have an undefined and in my case, my sanity or Steve Rotherham because at the Reimann way rose again knocks I've by government, but there's no one in our corner as I think he could. Well. Stimulate that kind of demand the difficulty is no everywhere has like an obvious relation sensitive build a city region around. So I wonder what will happen for the places you know those rather I was towns That was so crucial in the twenty nine election How would this kind of system worked for them?

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