MagSafe for iPhone 12! What Is It & What Can It Do!?

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So mag safe by the way what a troll of name everybody who the sport from their Mac book so much and like us year like in Dungle Hell watching this event and we're bringing back safe back and you. Get this warm flicker of glow and they're like it's a giant circle for your phone. What's safe about the point of maximum says that it would detach from your laptop when you tripped on it so the laptop wouldn't go flying. Do you think that your phone is gonNA attach from this circular magnet when you trip on the cable and it won't go? There's nothing safe about. Trading on the goodwill towards rational ports laptops. And instead it's a circle. So it looks very much like the like the Apple. Watch charger IT'S G. So the phone consult charge using your old she chargers a lot of confusion about this yesterday. So he can still just charge found aled while charging patio. If you buy apples meg safe one. Yep. It will use magnets to click on the back of the phone line itself in charge of fifteen watts, which is faster than most. Not As fast as a cable. But. The magnets are strong enough to hold the thing on the back of the phone and I swear to God. The point of this is so that when you get into bed at night, your phone's dead and you still want to screw around on your phone while plugged in dip you can. That's that's one hundred percent why they made this happen only if they made it like a six foot cable though. So it's an open standard. They've published the SPEC. There's there's some NFL stuff floating around. Anybody can just magnets they can't. They can't dram the magnets as far as I can tell the question is, can they can they MSI made for iphone drm the fifteen watt charging speed day? Definitely. MSI APP charters. So yeah. So they're definitely there's little NFC tags and the cases and the official stuff. So I'm sure they can software rate limit the charger, but anybody can make out dull Cardi making car mounts, Sco she's already making like it's happening. This is the accessory ecosystem for the iphone in it is all happening. So that is built out so that when they take the port off the phone, everyone's already used to click in little circles on the back. By the way that we've had this whole environmental conversation. To Max's circle looks very big. Compared to how tiny? Lightening Cable. Giant. It's like a coaster that you're throwing around wireless chargers waste electricity compared to came the radically less efficient, and so it's not good for the environment. He's where the starter apple buys Tesla. Conspiracy Theory was taking the port off the phone I'm saying that they're buying Tesla. Tesla Power Wall. So it's all happening. I think save is exciting I for one like I have a wireless car charger amount in my car and it's the it's the best. And so being able to throw your phone on there and taking off is really awesome. They're already all kinds of cases for that. I keep thinking about my little Osmo Jimbo. Yeah and so the new one has a magnet but you sound like fiddle with a clip to get it on your phone if that thing just becomes a MAG safe attachment. Like there's a million things you were taking your phone in and out of yeah plus they're going to sell more pants because people have to buy special pants with extra pocket with protective line or added to keep it from demagnetize credit. Battery packs that just magnet on the back that's was your iphone mini problem like there's just like a bunch of cool ideas that happen when you have. A magnetic attach things to found. The question is, how strong are these magnets? Can they hold the way of a battery pack? Can they keep your kimball mounted while you're I don't know doing extreme sports. Like whatever people do? Get. You're bombed down the snowboard mountain. Well, those magnets mess with the compass because that was a problem on the first phone that had A. Surger the palm pre. Just pointing that I get ahead, say I'm pretty sure like mom rushing the phone out the door and crap, the compass doesn't work. On their cabin board of problems. Far, below like sprint exclusive. Hopefully, it's like did anybody check the magnets and like five thousand apple engineers assigned to that problem now? I, think it's really neat I. DO think that it's obvious. The march taking off the phone is underway I very mixed feelings about this.

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