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Gentleman answered the phone and hung up on before amount. Ray West. I guess this will be his great nephew. We did his parole hearing today, man, so we can have two your property within. Probably take another 3 to 4 hours. No, it isn't. Why are you telling me all this? Because he needs a place to lay his head, ma'am. And you guys, I don't know why you saw set. You guys shouldn't have said that You were going to take this ex con, if you not weren't going to take him if you ever have a dog in the house a nobody. Why are you telling me to shut up, man? This is why people go back to prison because of people like you don't want to help you live in the first place. I've got two nieces on the police depart. Okay with this fine and call them right now. They get released. You do. Okay. Okay. You beat each eyes. Phone is brought to you by Kia downtown Los Angeles now under the new ownership of trophy automotive dealer group and you make you think he makes is that next to you? You can kiss me Traffic center. Good morning. I'm Lonnie Swaine. With real 92 3 traffic. A stalled bus in south L. A on the 1 10 north bound is causing some delays on the transition to the 105 West. This report is sponsored by plan dot Lavoe dot net. Ellie County has mailed all registered voters their vote by mail ballot.

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