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Bad habits and baby voices


I will. I just got back last night from Kansas House in Kansas. For four days filming a I was hosting a show with zeiler Falkland because no beauty in the bolt checkout. She's great together. We hosted this inventor show called make forty eight and it's about ten groups of people that get together in their forty eight hours to invent something design it make a one minute fill and do a pitch to basically like three sharks and then the best person the winner wins ten thousand dollars and we have a lot of fun it was it was a great experience and I got to meet some really great people I got a? I got to meet a patent trademark lawyer who I'm going to continue to work with shoes. Amazing did little log segment on her. So I'm looking forward to putting up. She's amazing What else also jokingly. I was on a plane yesterday and you talked about. I was waiting to get on the plane in the Waiting Area. A Guy kept side. I I was like okay. I wonder if he knows me so I just ignored it. And he kept side iming and then at one point I got up and talked to my phone and I held my phone to him and the whole back of my phone says dressed on it right after I got off the phone. I was wondering if that was you and I just saw the back of your own. If you don't mind I just WANNA say hello. He's very nice guy. He's dude he was coming Albany to do some electromechanical worker. What he does reliving. So you're talking but I realized I'm trying to be discreet having my name plus on the back of my telephone. It's probably not no. He was asleep. Dude but traveling was Was everybody's worried about me traveling but everything was fine. It all X-ray only so three people with masks through four airports. I mean through four four times at the airport Taylor said to me straight away when she picked up. She's like a lot of people wear masks necessarily so three people. So and there's lots of hand sanitizer around so it didn't seem to be the man the big deal that at least it seems like right now. Who knows where it's going but traveling was great in any event was a lot of fun. And that's going to be on the air they're going to edit what we shot into ten episodes of TV the last two or three of which will be the winners developing their product outside of the show trying to develop their products sell blind so check that out that would be season four of make forty eight so their season one two and three already out there in in last last year this time I was a judge on season three so I was one of the judges this time I was actually host. So where's this going to be like? Where's this available? It's on It's it's got coverage of ninety eight percent of the PBS stations across the United States. A PBS so I think you can go to their website and see. The old episodes previously published seasons this three previous seasons. It's weird that I never heard about this thing. But at workbench on they made a big deal out of it and like You know you guys all the people that were going to be hosting stuff got up and talked about it and stuff and I'd never even heard of it or maybe I just never heard of the name. Yeah well I probably mentioned it last year but it is it. You know. It's it's a little tiny. It's definitely a little marketing effort. That could you know. It's not huge in a big way and it gets paid for underwriters Stanley. Black and decker underwriter. And they're not really when somebody underwrite something. It's really more just like the the greater good of the community. They're not really using it as a huge advertising opportunity but they do have logos and stuff throughout the show but it isn't explicitly in your face so make forty eight is the brandon. We're GONNA be doing an event in Vegas If everything stays scheduled right after make essential so Kristen from I'm sorry. I'm getting confused as so many show events organizing my kristen from workbench. Khan and the make for eighteen teamed up to do this event at the hardware show in Vegas and that's why we pitched we did a little sales pitch at the end of Workbench. Khan and just people if you wanted to come. And it's going to be ten teams of people making stuff and I'm going to be the host again with Zeila but other mentors will be like April and in Izzy and a few other people will be the mentors for those teams so they'll be guiding those voluntary teams to builds stuff at the show. So the alive bill. It's not. It's not the same type of invention show where somebody wins. It's going to be ten. Things get built by ten teams and it gets gets followed throughout the five days or four days and it's really just like a big build off. Live bill buff. People can come in watch every day and see how the teams do. And that's in the then. Those products will be given away as gifts to a good cause. I'll put a link to the make forty eight site which is just make for you. Eight dot com in the In the show notes and it looks like you can watch the episodes of the previous seasons and stuff on the website. So what's to check it out anyway? That was a great experience back now back in action so you. That's I mean. Have you made anything in the past week? Or if you've just been doing that no well this week. I gotTa start another doing another fundraiser. For the Jesse Comes Foundation Jessi. Combs is the the race car driver who died last summer trying to set the land speed record and we were all kind of friendly with. I just started to get to know her. She came and spent some time here at the House with me and Taylor and she wanted to learn about youtube so she she we had met at an event she's like. Hey can I come hang out with you? Learn about Youtube because she was going to transition from TV to youtube so we spent some time together we had a crash course in developing a friendship and then she died unfortunately about two months later in a car accident and so a group of us are getting together with Make for Jesse to raise money for her foundation as the girls donations. So that this week I'm GonNa make a picture frame in Mark Adams. The photographer has a lot of really beautiful. Pictures OF JESSE WILL MIRO EVENTS. So everybody got a picture of big picture printed on like aluminum. It's a really sturdy. Beautiful print very expensive print in each one of us are making a frame. And I'm GonNa do that this week. So and unless we video was arrested of Joe. Press which is amazing amazing old Joe. Press Lovie if you haven't seen not take a look at that Joe Press from eighteen ninety s Cincinnati. Joe Press from made Noel so Yup I. I'm I set aside some time to go. Read the comments on their his on like you were making fun of yourself of what the what the commenters we're going to do. And so many people are imitating your baby voice in the common. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah the baby voice. I did on the JAAKKO documentaries hilarious. I'M GONNA actually get it to video of the baby voice doing it more because people love it. It's like me and Dave Welder. Invented that concept years ago. We only did it one time where we will. I was showing. I was showing people how to use the table. Saw and David was the troll voice from behind the camera. And I haven't done it again. Everybody thinks that something they've seen a few times. We've only did it that one time. And then in the Jaakko documentaries the second time. So now the troll voices the baby boys and people really love it so everyone notices. You know. They'll complain them in the bottle. They'll be like in baby voice so I know that. Just kidding or when somebody really is is some is taking a swipe at me. I Say Okay. Now say that again but stayed in the baby boys. That's all I say because so I gotta give you the link I would be to give you the link to the Jesse thing because it's something we wanNA promote. Okay Yeah but in the show notes You should get your your audience to like win. Somebody is attacking you for them to leave a response to that just says like baby voice and it just will add the tone someone else's comment no doing it doing it already. It's great that's all. It's so funny because I think it's going to become a very prolific thing. They're going to be doing another everyone. Because you know we get sooner. We get a real vicious comments. Or instead of just deleting it I'M GONNA leave it up and just have everybody's they say the baby voice say it say in the baby voice? Say

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Bad habits and baby voices

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