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Today is Wednesday March Eleventh Twenty Twenty and this is your host Steven Novella joining me this week or Bob Novella. Everybody Cara Santa Maria. Addy Jane Avella. Hey guys and Evan Bernstein. Good evening folks. So it's official the World Health Organization who has declared a worldwide pandemic. Welcome APPS. Well yeah we were. Just I mean we were at this point. We were there just still. It's a milestone only. It is at some point like it's like a certificate you would put on your kids wall. I survived the pandemic t shirt when he wanted story. It's only the third time right. You got the Spanish flu in the late. Nineteen we have the wealth twenty eleven and this burglar twenty eleven. No it was a big enough current pandemics HIV AIDS in Corona virus recent pandemics include nineteen eighteen influenza and the two thousand nine flu pandemic. You're right Steve H. One and one bird flu right or is that swine flu swine flu swine flu and then HIV AIDS. Though it is a global pandemic. It's been categorized. Okay all right we're will make sense. It makes sense so thousand case three thousand cases in the US. Italy is you know they're in the middle. I think of their epidemic China's on the other side of their heirs right. We're just gearing up so now we're in. The phase of social distancing is kind of the word of the day for the US so you know events are being canceled left and right no non essential travel. People are starting to talk about taking their kids out of schools now ours our high school. They're basically gearing up there sending emails out saying that you may have to shut down. We haven't decided yet. But this is what we're GonNa do if we do. And there's sort of laying out the plan threes and it seems inevitable. A lot of colleges are saying we're doing all online classes for the rest of the semester. I'm lucky that I go to school. That's mostly online anyway so I feel like my professors are really prepared. They know what to do. They've been really up to date with everything getting the emails out about plans for in person meetings but I feel bad for a lot of the professors who have never taught online before because it's a totally different skill set and you have to know what to do. Yeah and they're just going to be thrown into it and also the students who have never done online classes like it requires a different amount of self efficacy. I don't know what are we gonNA have older professors taking pieces of chalk and trying to write on so it looks like as of today today the eleventh. Yes yeah one hundred. Eighteen thousand three hundred twenty six confirmed cases globally and four thousand two hundred ninety two deaths. That's that's alive sewer. We'll be talking about a couple of corona virus related news items a bit later in the show. But yeah this is. You know we've been talking about it. You know obviously for months giving the updates and now we were just hitting. I think we could see the peak coming now. You know in. Us As least and a Lotta experts are saying now. Basically everyone's GonNa get exposed. You know it's really just a matter of. How quickly is it going to happen? The key is we want to slow it down as much as possible so it doesn't overwhelm our resources so it's not that we're GONNA keep it. We're not going to keep it from spreading. We're just going to slow the spread because that's a huge difference there were some jackass on. Tv saying just to expose everybody now with opposite. WanNa do we because then the mortality spikes when you run out of things like then a laters beds. It's not going to be literally everybody. It's going to spread through the population. But that doesn't mean everybody's going to be exposed right. I think that everyone is not going to necessarily contract it. The infectivity is not one hundred percent now. But unless you're like seriously isolated you're probably going to get exposed there whole countries where there's only like three cases. Yeah it'll get there eventually. That's the point that's what they're saying it's GONNA it's the human population has no immunity right. So it's a naive population. And it's going to make the rounds. It's going to eventually. Just make the rounds all over the world and then it'll slow down mainly because people will have either most people have already been infected. They won't be enough new. You know naive hosts to keep it going and do we know that you can't be reinfected. Well you'll have. Some level of immunity may not necessarily be one hundred percent of your no longer naive host. You have an immune system that seen seen this virus before the other thing is we want to slow it down and maybe an Iraq seen in twelve to eighteen months we have a vaccine and maybe we further slow it down and also. Maybe it'll be a seasonal situation and it actually will naturally slow down over the summer and give people some relief up until the new season starts if it operates seasonally. Yeah so any of the other thing that everyone is saying which is correct is don't panic but use your commonsense. You know just to avoid unnecessary contact with lots of evil face mask in the. Yeah yeah at least. Some Clark's wipes for the rest of us. Please honks toilet paper yeah please? The Toilet Paper Discusses Shelves Empty. And also don't be getting into fistfights over toilet paper at Costco. It's embarrassing yeah. We don't need a Thanksgiving Black Friday incident. Oh they're all over the world embarrassing. Okay Kerry you're going to give us a what's the word? Yes Oh. This word was sentenced by Linda from Petaluma California. She said I teach chemistry in high school and this term came up recently. So I figured I'd share with you and the whole crew. It's one I've always loved for the simple fact that I find it fun to say out loud. Always a good one to bring up in casual conversation and the word that she recommended is. Moity and Moya and many many of you have asked that we spell the words each week and this is an especially. I think. Necessary one dispel M. E. T. Y. Yeah it's a good one right and so I'm going to start a little bit with the etymology. Because then I think it makes more sense. When you look at all the different usages. Because it's true I had only ever heard of this word in a chemistry context but it apparently also has a sociology context as starting Brooklyn. No it's okay kind of were all French and it also has a property definition so the etymology of the word. Yeah it's from the Latin originally but the first time that has started to look like is old French around the fifteenth century in that usage it meant an equal half a half part or a share which is basically still its definition is just become a little bit more specific over time so if you look in like a dictionary definition you're gonNa find that it means let's see Miriam Webster. Which is kind of the American standard will say one of two equal parts. A half or one or two approximately equal parts or one of the portions into which something is divided or one of two basic complimentary tribal subdivisions and if you look at Cambridge Cambridge Dictionary. You'll see something similar. Apar- share something especially when it's divided into two parts but there they've added the chemistry definition but they just wrote a part of a molecule which is honestly not very specific. So if you really start to dig deep into the term you'll see that again. There are basically three main utilizations. There's the chemistry. Utilization Utilization Kinship and then a Moi early title which is a legal term that describes a portion of title ownership. So if it's like a divided tidal which is kind of interesting make sense in kinship. You'll see it. Referring oftentimes to tribal groups usually native American or specifically Iroquois or Australian aboriginal kinship groups. And also. I think there's a native Hawaiian kinship group and with that respect. Moi Eighty is like when there's a group that descends from a larger group and only hangs out with one other group

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