Coronavirus For Kids, And The Science Of Soap


You may have been hearing lately about something called Corona virus. Or maybe you've been hearing about Kovic. Nineteen many of you have been affected more than just by hearing about this new illness. In some regions and countries. Lots of things have changed. Big events like football or soccer matches concerts and community events have been postponed mosque. Church and synagogue services have been cancelled and schools and places where adults work have been closed. It can be confusing or worrying when normal life changes. If you are feeling a little concerned you should ask the adults in your life to help explain things but you should also that things are probably feeling confusing. And maybe a little overwhelming to your adults to most of us haven't been through something quite like this before and going to take all of us being calm and following the best advice of health professionals and our local leaders to get through this together today. We're going to answer questions. You've been sending us about corona virus in an effort to make sure you are informed and prepared not scared. We're putting this episode out. On Friday March Thirteenth Twenty twenty. The global situation is changing very quickly. But the information. We're going to give you today pretty relevant. Whether you're listening the day we put this out or maybe a week or two later or perhaps even later and as things continue to change you can continue to send us questions. You think we should answer. Let's start with corona virus. What it is and what Kovic nineteen means we asked Critique polly to help answer your questions about this virus critique it is an infectious disease doctor. Infectious diseases are illnesses. That are caused by a microorganism. Getting into your body micro means small so something really small. You can't see it. Some infectious diseases are passed from one. Human to another by insects. Like mosquito others are passed from person to person in other ways like by one person. Coughing or sneezing and another person breathing in those cough droplets. In the Air Dr Critic Acapella works on Infectious Diseases and she's actually one of the leaders of the Infectious Disease Society of America so she thinks about contagious illnesses a lot and she's been helping a lot of politicians health officials and others think about this new illness. That people are so worried about so she was really glad to get a chance to talk directly to you to kids about the questions. You have islanders. Henry I'm eight years old. I live in Oxford. Ohio and my question is why did the current ivars happen? Hi My name is Isla. I live in spokane Washington. I'm eleven years old in my question is what do scientists know about the corona virus? Hi I'm Evelyn. I'm seven years. Old From Kirkland Washington. And I'd like to ask what is the corona virus. What exactly is a corona virus? We keep hearing this word corona virus. What is that? Karma bowl is on part about large family of germs called viruses chronic viruses infect animals and some infect people so the one that is causing the big outbreak right now is one that index people and sometimes when this happens it can cause infections of our lungs also cause fevers coughing and shortness of breath. Hi My name is Nathan. I am five years old. I live in Washington and lie. Question is why of a different take of other current viruses. That kids might be familiar with if if we've gotten a cold. Is that a corona virus. Yes quarterback most commonly called what we think of as causing the common cold so people have had probably a corona virus already in their lives. If they've had the sniffles coffin. It's not allergies. If they've had a cold viral illness they may already have had a corona virus. So why are we concerned about Cova? Nineteen the disease that's caused by this new corona virus. Hello my name is Waitin' Four and a half years old eleven in Pennsylvania. My question is was the coon of why was bad. Hi My name is advocates are the venture cargo. I am five years old Miami Kelly. I'm an elephant Chicago. How did the corona virus become so powerful so toby nineteen is what we call a novel coronavirus and what the word novel means is that it's new and that people have not seen it before and that's why it's called? Colgate nineteen the coast and for Corona. The D. I. Vin is Virus Disease In nineteen. Because it first appeared in people in two thousand nineteen and because it's new and people haven't seen it before it's making people very sick. Is that because because people haven't seen it before none of us have developed any immunity to it. So we're more likely to get it if we come in contact with it because our body has no built up way to try to prevent us from getting it. Because everybody's never seen it before. Yes that's one reason so the bodies have never seen it before We don't have any way for our body to recognize and develop a immune response to it so none we can get very sick and that is one of the reasons we are so concerned about it because we have seen that some people Who can get this disease? Get very sick. You said that that lack of any immune response is one reason. Are there other reasons why humans are likely to get this one or why there's concern about humans getting it? Well one of the reasons we get concerned about humans getting it's not. We've seen that people who are older when they got it tend to get more sick and that is one of the reasons we are so worried about it. My name is Tara and I'm turning eleven and I live in New York City and my question is how do viruses mutate? Hi My name is Millie and eleven New Jersey and I was six years old and my question is. How did the current virus start? Where did this disease come from? We aren't exactly sure where the disease has come from. Belli's one thing. We are still working to understand but we do know that there are lots of viruses in the world and based on our best guess right now where other chronic illnesses come from we right now think that it may have come from bats and there may have been some sort of intermediate host and from there came to humans however that has not been confirmed yet and they are still working to identify where it came from so it may have come from an animal animal's could have had this before humans ever got it and somehow transferred from animals into the first humans who got it absolutely correct. How does this virus spread in people? Virus spreads mainly from people either sneezing or coughing by their droplets. So that is why it is important if you sneeze or cau- to cover your mouth so you can't spread it to other people if you cover your mouth with your hand while you cough and then you put your hand down on your desk or your table or hold hands with your friend. Can you transmit the virus that way? Well sort of so if your hand has a virus on it and then you touch your hand and then your hand to get scars on it and your friend than touches the mouth or the nose order is than they can give themselves the virus if they don't wash clean their hands before they touch their mouth their nose or there is so it's very important to wash your hands before touching your face and critique. Oh we mentioned a minute ago. That people who've had a cold have had a corona virus. What are the symptoms of this particular corona virus covert nineteen so the most common symptoms of this corona virus? Or going to be things that make you not feel very good so a fever a cough and feeling tired and having maybe some muscle aches. Those are the most common initial symptoms. You're going to have when you have this

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