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Trump says coronavirus 'will go away' and to 'stay calm'


The hour Congress and the trump administration seem to be making progress in deciding how the federal government will respond to the coronavirus Capitol Hill correspondent Linda Kenyon has the story president trump is focusing on ways to blunt the viruses impact on the overall health of the economy like through a payroll tax cut for example this is a great feeling about doing a lot of things and that's one of the things we've done the president was speaking to reporters after meeting with Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill his proposal for payroll tax cut falls flat with house and Senate Democrats like senator Ron Wyden it doesn't do a lot for people who rely on tips it doesn't do much for people who have lost ships it does very little for folks who don't have sickly still the president sought to offer some reassurance as to the American people and to major U. S. industries about the impact of the corona virus it will go away to stay calm and move away we want to protect our shipping industry our cruise industry solutions we want to protect our airline industry very important but everybody has to be vigilant and has to be careful but become is really working out democratic representative role Ruiz says the administration was a little late getting into the game they did not employ the proper aggressive early detection surveillance mechanisms that this virus warranted release was also Dr offer some basic advice stay home if you're sick but what about those who can stay home that's where paid sick leave should comments as democratic representative don Beyer we don't want people having to choose between a paycheck and preventing the spread of the disease getting tested and treated for the virus should be getting easier says vice president Mike pence after meeting with insurance company representatives pence announces several new developments all the insurance companies here for today have agreed to waive all copays on corona virus testing for extended coverage for coronavirus stream that applies to private health insurance companies but pence says that's not all they are covered through Medicare Medicaid and the vice president says the CEOs have agreed to no surprise billing despite assurances that testing and treatment will become more widely available Dr Jerome Adams a U. S. Surgeon General offers this sobering assessment we will see more cases unfortunately we're likely to see more deaths we have not hit the peak of that epidemic

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