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Australia GP Cancelled - Heres 5 Times Other Races Were Halted


One's twenty twenty Australian germ-free was efficiently tussled after McLaren member tested positive for corona virus. This Wednesday twenty Chinese free was already postponed after the strain of novel. Corona virus was believed to have originated in the country. Bahrain status is currently unknown. While the spread increases globally further races may be cancelled but these were not the first counseled races in Formula One. So let's take a look back at a few cancellations from Formula One's past and dig into the reason why each race dropped off the calendar after it got there. In the first place the most recent example a race cancellation the twenty eleven bar. Ingram pre was scheduled to be that year season opener but on the fourteenth of February. Twenty eleven a number of uprisings took place across the Middle East and North Africa known as the Arab spring as numerous citizens protested against oppressive regimes and the poor quality of life with us in mind embar rain. One such country experiencing civil unrest. The race was postponed until the end of the season. The plan was to reinstate the Bar Ingram pray to the thirtieth of October and in the process move the Indian grocery to December slot but unhappy with the logistics involved on the seeming disregard for Human Rights Implications the Formula One teams association photo vetoed the plan barring GP officials then subsequently dropped any plans to host the race that year instead wasting for its reinstatement in twenty twelve. The twenty twenty Chinese impre- is not the first race in China to be cancelled. The nation was penciled in Fritz inaugural F one race. Back in one thousand nine hundred nine back then then F ONE SUPREMO. Bernie ecclestone announced in nineteen ninety eight. The Joe Hi International Circuit was to host a Grand Prix on the twenty first of March. Which would make it the second round of the nineteen ninety nine calendar just months after its announcement. F. One announced that the Chinese Grand Prix would no longer go ahead as the FAA had been insufficiently impressed by the facilities at the second which needed work. If it was to appear on the following year's calendar however this never happened in. China had to wait until the two thousand four season to get its first Grand Prix. How'd Shanghai? Well they feel like the Joe Hi circuit describing similar to the Spielberg sects in Austria. We never got the chance to see it in f one action another race supposed to be on the nineteen ninety. Nine calendar was the Argentine Grand Prix but unlike China it had been a mainstay on the F. One shut you off the Argentine greats depression which began in late. Ninety eight the organizers of the race with feeling the pinch and were unable to much the funding that China promise to host a race but as we've previously mentioned the Joe Hi race was cancelled. The Argentine Grand Prix was reinstates the calendar with Provisional March Twenty Eighth Slot pending talks with parameters Formula One. But by the end of January the Argentine Grand Prix was also knocked off the calendar after formula. One was unable to come to an agreement the race at the Buenos Aires Sec. It was deemed not financially viable as several upgrades were requested but no ultimately produced the nineteen ninety eight Argentine Grand Prix. Then was the lost f one race out in Argentina and will they efforts were made to organize a street racing motto. Plateau off at the twenty thirteen season. It never came to fruition. Asterio at nineteen ninety-seven having been on the calendar for over a decade. Esther was one of the more scruffy venues on the floor. Shedu and the EPA had been battering the circus owners for years to make some upgrades but when the FAA formally requested a few safety changes ESTA ZONA scoffed after they've been on the calendar for years without having to make renovations why start now but in response. F. One cude is often pulled esther off the calendar replacing it with the Herath circuit in Spain. The caveat was if astro could make the safety changes required the FAA offered a loss on the calendar on the ninth of November. But the fixes weren't made in time while Ferrari and McLaren would believe to vetoed an eighteen race calendar. How things change as it stood. Herath hosted the season finale. And we know how that turned out South Africa. Nineteen eighty one. Despite the backdrop of apartheid South Africa was due to host the season opener of nineteen eighty one formula one season however the year began under the cloud of political wrangling between Governing Body Fisa led by Yomiuri Ballast and the Construction Association. Fokker led by Bernie Acoustic Visa. Wanted to change the date of the season opening race. Kyle Lami to April the eleventh two months after the original February seventh day. That had been previously agreed. Foam consisting largely of the British teams on the grid also had an agreement with Kyle Lamis Management for the February date leaving the two governing bodies in a little bit of a pickle. The race wasn't council per se but it was run as a formula libra rice rather than a formula one race meaning that it didn't have to adhere to the one thousand nine hundred regulations. We should heavily restricted ground effect dynamics so the focus teams ran it. Kyle Army with all the bells and whistles in a non championship race won by Williams driver Carlos Roitman but the race was ultimately stricken from the F. One record beforehand but with the threats of Krona virus rapidly spreading worldwide. More races may be cancelled their season. We'll have to find out if that's truly the case

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Australia GP Cancelled - Heres 5 Times Other Races Were Halted

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