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11 Trivia Questions on March



And welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thanks for checking out my show on Youtube and your favorite podcast listening APP. Cast box is the one to use or spotify. If you want to go back and listen to all eight hundred episodes of the show so the tunes apple he goes back so far. If you're looking for more episodes binged all the recent ones that you can listen to and you're like I need some more in my life. Go check out. This APP called cast box. That will help you out greatly and guys today. It is a new week two Monday as their record. This episode and I just updated all the patriotic rewards. So I'M GONNA go over those with you really quick. If you support the show and you're at any of these tears you will get some new stuff starting at the end of March for the whole month of March. And if you're brand new to the show or you are new to becoming a patron of anybody go to Patriot dot com slash trivial buds. And See all the cool stuff you can get for supporting this show at one. Three five seven ten twelve fifteen twenty thirty and fifty dollar levels. I won't go over everything you can click over there Through the link in the show notes. If you want to see all the cool stuff you can get. But here's the new ones for seven dollars. We have a brand new puzzle club. That's right you bunch of puzzles printed out one for each week of the month and you also have a digital copy of those that will get sent to you that you will be able to check the answers with on my website. It'll be a worksheet. Pop Culture varieties. Maybe a word grid where you're crossing stuff out to Be Left with submerged to solve a quote. Maybe I'll have a crossword puzzle. A word search different things like that so every month. I'M GONNA make four new ones and print those out and send those to you in the mail and again you'll get a digital copy as well. That's the seven dollar level at the ten dollar level. We have the shout which was used to be the shout now. It is our button club. I ordered a ton of fantastic new buttons for my friend Drew Blank. You could check out his work at drew blank dot com and I have about one hundred buttons coming my way and I'm GonNa Start sending those your way if you're at the ten dollar or more level. Remember when he gets these levels. You also get all this stuff before that as well. So if you sign up for the ten dollar level you also get those puzzles at the seven dollar level and a few other things at five three and one dollar levels at fifteen dollar level replacing the DVD club is our new digital e Book Club. I will send you a code to download an e book through Amazon. And you'll be able to read a book with us every single month and I'll talk about that book in the discord APP chat and different things like that maybe mentioned on the recording of the podcast as well. But if you're a reader and you like reading stuff Be on the look out for that. The first one will probably be a mystery from what I've been looking at. If you like reading stuff go check that out for fifteen dollars and at thirty dollars a game club which used to be the apparel club so my friend. Manny just had a birthday and he's at that level and I sent him under Mifflin hat as you can see on the shelf behind me right about there and replacing the apparel will be a game club where I send you a different card games or board game or something very cool and hopefully unique that you haven't played before or WanNa play again in the mail so check those out guys. We got Four new ones there amongst other ones. There's about ten levels overall and for just a buck a month. You get access to our discord APP chat where we talk about all things pop culture and trivial loving and you also get a digital version of the newsletter. I send out every single month so again. Patriots Dot Com Slash Trivia Buds. It's the easiest way to join and support this show and the fan base built around it and all the fun stuff that we like to answer Trivia on. We're going to jump into eleven questions on March Trivia. These are all things that have to do with the word March the month of March leyritz containing marts etc. So have fun with these. Were GonNa do all right now. Here we go all right. We've got March Trivia coming your way. Here's the first question. One of marches to birth stones. Is this blue variety of Beryl whose name translates from the Latin as seawater number one name translates from the Latin SC water. What is that birth still number one question number two? This nonprofit organization sets out to improve the lives of mothers and babies improving the lives of mothers and their babies never to.

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