Tear gas shot by Turkey and Greece over migrants at border


Turkish President Rigid Thai air. The one has ordered his country's Coast Guard to prevent migrants crossing the Aegean to Greek islands. The emergency service said this was because of the dangers they faced. Danny Abraham has more details for over a week Greece and Turkey have been locked in an acrimonious standoff since anchor announced it would no longer prevent migrants crossing to the European Union. Greece fouled not to let the migrants in its coast guard. Boats have forced migrant dinghies back at sea and fired warning shots. Greece's prime minister says Turkey has orchestrated the crisis using the migrants says geopolitical pawns. Turkey accuses Greece of endangering lives and violating its own and international laws on asylum. President de Devens move does not signal an overall change of policy it will perhaps reduce tensions in the Aegean but not along the two countries land border at the crossing near the Greek town of cast. Yes there have been further clashes. Turkish Courses Ponte gas across the border groups of migrants using focuses and ropes tried to cut through. I'll pull down the Y. Offenses some throwing stones. Greek security forces responded with tig as thorough and mortar cannon spring jets colored with Blue Dye among the migrants. Assyrians agree says most of the People. It's arresting come from places including Afghanistan and Pakistan this migrant Hakim whose Moroccan was among those trying to cross the border into Greece. Heavy metal autopilot. We want to solution. We want to go to Europe. We don't want to stay here in Turkey. Turkey was kind to us. Everything here is good. The soldiers the government everything but the Greeks aren't good to us. They're firing tig attacking us. They won't get to Europe Greece's also facing other allegations of abuse on Friday. Turkish media broadcast footage of Migrants. Who say they were beaten and stripped to their underwear by Greek security forces during failed attempts to cross the border the Greek government has been approached for comment meanwhile their records from organizations like the Red Cross and Red Crescent and the human rights group. Amnesty International for the European Union. Do More. These have been echoed in Germany. By the junior coalition partners the Social Democrats they want the country to take in more people from crowded migrant reception camps in Greece leaders of seven states said it was now time to put political calculations aside and take action especially to help children and unaccompanied young people

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