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Asia, Australia And Europe discussed on The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast


Solution that can allow customers to pay with Fiat currency owing cryptocurrency because at the end of the day. Say the ONA and you want to take on all payment so make everyone happy and this is what we do. Tried to solve the pain point for the merchants. So that they can enable all types of payment witted. Your bitcoin with you are one of those digital credit Is this your first venture on walk in the pilot industry or your apartment? God that's come in the idea and sort of maturity no I've always been a payment guy For the last couple of years also have another company that focused on the side so now we are seeing the needs of the crypto in hope blockchain landscape is taking so we really truly believe in the you know. The the crypto spaces will take off. And I don't want to do anything when is already done so we wanted to get there and think about? I don't want to provide you with just criminal. Quick Dole Payments System. I want to be able to combine it all in a in an integrated you know one. Hybrid solution makes sense if executed this before. Now you're doing it in the creek road you're not despise which is good execution probably means get done. Tell me if I am the rest on that site you come in and play with the ALCHEMY APP and you pay in life going to get paid in one strain so we focus on the basis that it means I will provide the system to you. Let's say you are the business near the Russia. I provide you the system so when a customer comes in right one pay win like basically you the customer type that now. I just scandal. Qr Code and when we had a with you alchemy we said in any local currency of your choice all if you WanNa take you know. Btc Outta crypto like on as a as a settlement unit will happy to provide you as well so you can switch like join orients which we will provide you whatever currency that you would like it to be allowed so whether you are want to take on. Crypto as a settlement or local currency. The choice is yours the choice also from the customers at the end of the day yours because if you say you want to just take on. Osceola is going to be the same as what do credit card. Oh any oil. Major cities like short Pay About a day or two is the same process as you had done in in other payment services. What we find in Australia? Especially we have a global on a way not saw good with Spies say good q archives. Technology is that it does exist but it is not perfect. We don't use it. We're liberal haunting in that. The reason behind that is because we were one of the first pay positive swat and it's done now issue with that is if you lose you will if you lose your car susceptible to fraud yet. You've got affectively. No access to your money. Always you find still correct icon as defined by L. source different time site. I suppose having that place is really really important to adopt a little more concert. So what else is next? How long have you been around full? I thought well Alchemy is a year and a half now By interfering interesting point you talk about you know I i WanNa just bring that point. Ustralia not not not very friendly. I think it's down to every country is a very unique Asia. I can pretty much Gives you the confidence at every Asian countries are using to call right now Of course in the US. There's not Europe. So every country has his own kind of the choice of method of payment will be set by the culture eventually at the end. It's just a method of payment. Yes co-coping one that no one. What's the reason all you know being adopted in Asia so quickly because he's jeep ACAI sticker? How much is this versus when you have to go through some of the merchants right. I'm going to sell you a device heavy and all that that costs a lot of money. So that's acceptable the breakdown exactly and like you said right these days. You don't want to just carry you. Just people just carry that phone around everywhere. It's almost like literally the only problem with the phone. Is that when you run out? Betcha pay any otherwise even when you will have no internet you can sue generate a payment. So if you don't have battery that's it. He's actually fire convenience especially in Asia. We seeing law adoption At the moment on now that we call Bind Crypto also generating a cure for that. You can scan. And that's that's pretty much it you don't need to carry like a separate one with bunge of credit cards. Yep You just you know usually go. What's the what's the cost of business? Two years this product and wants to cost to consume it uses when so we also have a unique features of one One of the part of that. We've built a system as you know if you under criticized for the customers you know pay. Hey you know doing the scanning desert watching but we have a feature called coupet to what we do now the merchants I end we actually scan the Qr code and the fees going to us but of course we have a way of figuring out how it works for. The point being is that there will be less pain point photographs. Umbrian adopting using crypto due to make payment from our perspective. There will always because of what is slight as you have done in. Try to so I'll perspective. Everything is all work out. The point being is that we'll be cost but then say exactly that'd be posses less convenient all the project. Where can they go find out more about Your Business or consumer on business? I mean we have a website where we are just launching disappoint Hong Kong. Okay we'RE GONNA go into Japan going to Philippines going to Korea and also next year going forward. We're looking for honest in Australia. Europe and Middle East will be the key market but Asia. We going to Marcus. The friendly in criminal some places for example International. No not ready yet so we just go after the countries. So what's the website alchemy dot outcome tech dot? Io alchemy tech talk by all of media but with a giant food. You Mike you all as you know helping businesses and getting your lawn fast so easy..

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Asia, Australia And Europe discussed on The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast

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