How Voice Affects Moods with Margareth Jabczynski, Conversational Designer

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Produced against Marta. German yacht. One thing I share for example. And that's also interesting side story when I was working as a copywriter Trained our chancellor in speaking UNIMAK. That was two thousand fourteen in out to speak with a camera. So there's video online that I'm happy to share with you and this was my job to train and to make what you say. Come across in a very friendly and warm tone. That's impressive. Can you describe for people that don't know much about linguistics? What it actually is and how. It's really helping voice and conversational design. Oh a huge Christian. Linguistic is the science about the thing that makes us most human we as human beings we can abstract from what surrounding ask can have. Drains talk about them. We have visions talk about the past memories which animals cannot of course they have some kind of language or signs. They communicate with each other where my birds outside here in the tree. They're seeming that this is not language so linguistics is the signs about language and it takes a look at all the different aspects for example. How it sounds. Do I say how it sounds or say how it sounds? What do I do with more boy do? I raise it to a lower. It's it's a huge field of for example. Very important part of conversation design that is linguistics. Hide Matic's hassles for example with you have one sentence and in one context when it's just read out monotone voice it means one thing but in the context it can sound embiid alike you know like Dj late night if employees and all your having plans tonight or you know depending on the context the same sentence can mean. It's completely different thing. I'm that's what linguistics or the Sub Feudal. Linguists pragmatics is investigating. I love that and I. You are very talented on multiple levels. People wants to learn more about what we're talking about. Were they want to connect with you? Where can they do that? Well first of all. There's this little hurdle that's the test. That's an intelligence test if he wants to type in my name until link and then you can just write me an MS session. Happy to get in touch with you so some of my work and if you really want to say what I been doing you know like as an artist in my past you gotta smarter German on the Youtube Channel on the songs and this is me singing crazy songs for Germany and apart from this Lincoln as a channel to get in touch with me. Perfect and the last question. We like to ask on this show to help promote voice as a whole is what is a current flash briefing or voice skill or experience that you are using or really enjoying right now so optimum. There's no voice skill or experience. I enjoyed I had some fun with Alexa especially when learning Japanese bitten. I realized she was saying the same thing over again. Like this. We my son and allow which meant sorry. I didn't understand and that's where the coin dropped realistic. She's not getting it all the time because fabricating I'm not using anybody's scuff up moments but I am reading everything that's out on medium. I recommend highly to do that as well. Just to subscribe to those topics you're interested in. Yeah I'm actually in women in voice network which I'd like to mention him because that's also how you've got in touch with me so women invoice is a nice network and we're trying to to spread the word to gather more diverse persons and perspectives into or compensation design. Yeah and I think you make a good point. You know part of the reason. Maybe you're not experiencing or join voice skills is because you're seeing this need And you're looking to fill that for companies which I think is wonderful to hear so thank you so much for sharing your passion and your talent. We really enjoyed it. And I look forward to hearing more Margaret. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me must great talking to you. Thank you for listening to the inside voice. Podcast we greatly appreciate you being a part of our community. And if you enjoyed this episode or you like the Podcast we would love it if you would subscribe. Follow like share. Leave a review of the show. If you have any questions comments feedback people you want to see on the show things you WANNA learned. Feel free to send us an e mail. Carry at motive.

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