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Even traders are working from home because of COVID-19 - burst 07


We need each other at this moment. Anxiety and uncertainty off the charts and that to be honest is probably making it harder for you to do your job if you are lucky enough to still be doing it. All of which is to say. Access to mental health care is more important now than ever starbucks announced earlier this week. Every worker is going to be able to get twenty. Free counseling sessions. A lot of employers are offering resources beyond their traditional healthcare plans as things develop right now from the workplace Culture Desk Marketplace's Megan McCarthy Carino has more heading for the therapists. Physical couch is not an option in our new reality of social distancing so Andrew Face Meyer was glad when his employer northern Arizona University started offering video. Counseling for someone like me has an anxiety disorder knowing that I can get a hold of someone is really important as time interest

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