Atlanta Falcons add Todd Gurley to roster a day after Los Angeles Rams released him


Breaking news the Los Angeles rams have released running back Todd Gurley came out of college you know there were people who were worried about longevity because of issues around spend weeks exploring a trade for him now Gurley will be free to sign with any team you have to wait long Todd Gurley is signing with the falcons Todd Gurley obstacle form forty played college football at Georgia it's a one year deal for the twenty five year old running back sure that once a Todd Gurley Julio Jones on the same offense Ian AT T. L. not the box and not would Brady instead he goes back to the peach state as a former Georgia bulldog headed to the Atlanta Falcons one day after being released by the rams it's a one year six million dollar agreement but Adam Schefter reminds us that will still pull in plenty of coin from the rams not only did Todd Gurley want to go back there but they had a need girly goes back to Georgia the falcons fill the gap that they created when they released abbante Freeman in a salary cap casualty earlier this offseason so girly goes back to Georgia the falcons get their man keep in mind that the rams are paying him seven and a half million dollars this season on that one year deal and whatever else the falcons add on is just icing on the cake for Todd Gurley Gurley is run for more than a thousand yards in three of his five seasons with the rams he ran for a career low though eight fifty seven just this past year feel the aid style on Golovkin away going how he fits with his new team so I look at their depth chart right now and the death star get laughed after the release of the pontiff Freeman is relatively fan not ito Smith and Brian hill and you know it's in quad copter Allison who are sort of debt level running backs and taught happens to be from Atlanta which are happy to be out there in Georgia I should not be played at the university of Georgia also it is not that your home coming the only thing that matters in football but there are a lot of boxes that Todd Gurley checked by going back to the falcons are going to the father died today but I'm not surprised by this move all right with the girly now gone from the rams the onus is now on to other people Todd Gurley was expendable Todd Gurley was someplace to save money Brandon cooks might be as well with Cooper Kupp and Robert what's on that roster do you need to be paying Brandin cooks the Los Angeles rams are moving in this second phase of their title contention will it work we'll find out the truth is now the pressure ships from GM les Snead the coach Sean McVay now the pressure ships to the quarterback they put at the center of this new face this center of his new rebuild Jared Goff can the rams continue to be a Super Bowl contender the answer lies and how much you believe in Jared Goff Jared Goff and

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