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Dan pfeiffer worked for nearly twenty years at the center of democratic politics from the campaign trail to Capitol Hill to Brock Obama's White House but it was Donald Trump's victory and republicans incessant aiding and abetting of trumpism that radicalized his thinking now the number one bestselling author and Co host of Pod. Save America Urges Democrats to embrace bold solutions in order to defeat Donald Trump in twenty twenty and overcome the broader threat of trumpism in the long run. It's all in his new book titled Un-trumpian America. A plan to make America democracy again and today. Dan Joins me on the PODCAST. Talk about the resurgence of Joe. Biden's campaign whether Bernie still has a shot at the nomination and what we can learn from the failed campaign of Michael Bloomberg he says the Democratic nominee will need to take the gloves off rewrite the playbook and focus on attacking trump where he strongest if he wants to win however Dan says trumpism won't just die with the ouster of Donald Trump and we talk about the long lasting ramifications of the trump presidency for the Republican party and the nation as a whole he recalls witnessing some of the early signs of trumpism during his own time in the White House and how he says the Democratic Party was allowed to collapse during the eight years of Obama's presidency. According to Dan voter expansion is the key to Democrats victory in twenty twenty and beyond he recommends a host of ideas to grow the voter rolls from granting statehood to the District of Columbia to enfranchising sixteen year olds and offers proposals for how to make the office of the president more resilient against corruption and abuse of power in the future less the right wing media organization. That's more dangerous than Breitbart and bigger than Fox News. The man Dan calls the worst person in American Politics Hint. It's not Donald Trump and Dan lets loose on his favourite punching bag former speaker of the house. Paul Ryan coming up with pods save. America's Dan Pfeiffer in just a moment Dan pfeiffer is.

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