Revisiting the Archive: Frank Kameny


Mattachine Society of Washington was formed around my personality. We characterized ourselve- within ourselves within the movement as an activist militant organization. Well those were very dirty. Words in those days was sixty one in sixty two. No one else was except for the civil rights movement was just beginning. But I mean even within the game movement even more so you weren't supposed to be overall goal plan that you stated what you're going to do as an organization that was sort of set up an statement of purposes which I could dig out generally. What was it generally to work for? Gay Rights Solo. Gay Rights has such wasn't necessarily the phrase of choice of those days but to to achieve equality for homosexuals and homosexuality against heterosexuals and heterosexuality that was equality. I guess primarily wasn't born in sixty nine or those I certainly Nhar. The sixty nine have happened if we hadn't come along for years you well. No that's not how it wrong. They would not. We started to digress before I get back We started picketing in here in sixty five which I created the mindset which allowed for gays doing openly public things by way of demonstration ask gays there would not have been stonewall if they hadn't already gotten the mindset had already been established for that by us in sixty five with subsequent demonstrations year by year. Widely publicized in New York at Independence Hall every Fourth of July. Each year after sixty five. And which was being publicized in sixty nine and prepared preparation for that one when Walker and it would have never have a card. Gay People do anything publicly if we had already started it. What happened to your case. My case was dead with the Supreme Court that ended that permanent. The commission changed. Its rule is seventy five Yash. You must recall what I hearing about that. They they called me up. They knew by that time I was on. I speak with obvious. Hyperbole and figuratively on virtually daily communication. With general counsel. This Service Commission cases. You knew other things that come along. He people were coming. Oh yes. He had informed the eighteen months before and seventy-three that they will beginning the process of changing their policy but there were a lot of minds that had to be changed inside the commission and he informed me that it was going to come out on July fourth except for the July Fourth Holiday. So we're going to have to be July third very appropriately. And that's when they issued a news release and the former change in policy seventy five. Yes of course in seventy eight under Carter Administration. The Civil Service Reform Act went through Congress and that abolished the Civil Service Commissioner under that name. It's the office of Personnel Management. The Oh pm chains all the laws. So that's one battle one book that has nicely been closed and put on the shelf as a complete success at this point. I'm sort of I don't know people call me a living ledger. And you're like being called a living legend. It doesn't bother me No excuse complementary or the humorous. The world's oldest living homosexual or the grandfather or the great grandfather of the game which was not which is not technically as you well know live takes turnings and you don't foresee them but ultimately I think. In retrospect life has been more exciting and stimulating and interesting and satisfying and rewarding and fulfilling the night possibly have dreamed it would have been.

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