Canada's response to COVID-19

The Big Story


Candidate now has six hundred and fifty six cases of the current a virus with nine deaths seven in British Colombia one in Ontario and the latest one in Quebec Prime Minister Justin. Trudeau made an announcement promising eighty two billion dollars to help Canadians in these times. Our government is taking extraordinary measures. The measures were announcing today will provide up to twenty seven billion dollars in direct support to Canadian workers and businesses less fifty five billion to meet liquidity needs of Canadian businesses and households through tax deferrals to help stabilize the economy combined. This eighty two billion dollars in support represents more than three percent of Canada's GDP so workers who don't qualify for employment insurance can apply to receive the emergency support benefit every two weeks for fourteen weeks that can include people who have to stay home because of the current virus either because they are self isolating or maybe they're taking care of someone else. British Columbia and Saskatchewan have joined the list of provinces who have declared a state of emergency the US and Canada have banned non essential travel between the two countries. This will not affect trade.

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