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Five hundred billion dollars in two tranches the first one would be a


Massive economic stimulus package is wrapping up treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin tells fox business network that the trump administration is pushing for direct payments the plan is five hundred billion dollars in two tranches the first one would be a thousand dollars per person five hundred dollars per child so for a family of four of the three thousand dollar payment the Senate and the house would have to approve the plan New York governor Andrew Cuomo says there are no plans to do a mass quarantine in New York City Cuomo was asked on NBC's today show this morning about New York City mayor bill de Blasio's consideration of ordering a shelter in place to help slow the spread of corona virus we want people to stay home yes are we going to do quarantine our people imprisoned in their homes no meanwhile Cuomo says the health care system is going to be overwhelmed but the question is to what extent two members of Congress are now known to have tested positive for corona virus Ben McAdams of Utah and Mario D. az Bilardo Florida Minnesota senator Tina Smith says this is a further wake up call for Americans but says there are signs of a proper response I am somewhat optimistic

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Five hundred billion dollars in two tranches the first one would be a

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