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In the low fifties by noon fifty two


Today temperatures will respond to the sunshine that we see also shifting of the winds as well thirty degrees right now downtown mostly clear skies winter in the north east at six miles per hour feel like temperatures in the low thirties here this morning thirty up in Kokomo thirty seven in green castle thirty four in Bloomington in thirty eight degrees just north of us into Lafayette storm track right now not tracking much precip or cloud cover and it is going to remain quiet at least center storm tracker over the next couple of hours just because we're not tracking much of anything that's going to hinder sunshine or give us any rain at least across central Indiana so we have a few clouds developing west of the state a little bit of presupposes stated but that you see snow out near the plain states a little bit closer to the Dakotas likely we are not in for some snow here we're just seeing the potential for a few light showers but those won't arrive until very early tomorrow morning we feature cast a show rather quiet start we're gonna continue to see a mostly clear sky and then once we get closer to daybreak lots of glorious sunshine that's going to continue through late morning and early afternoon we'll see a few high clouds begin to develop out in southwest Indiana otherwise nothing too detrimental to our sky conditions today in fact I'll be more decorative and then later on tonight there might be that stray shower chance very late so closer to midnight tonight and then overnight we could see a few of those showers expand out today's forecast is offer temperatures in

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In the low fifties by noon fifty two

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He's asking for patience as health officials are concerned about one particular data point

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Thursday night mostly cloudy and humid with a shower or thunderstorm around low sixty six

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Bear with traffic can follow

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Been going to the SpaceX launch hammer but they scrubbed it because of bad weather

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Only a mostly cloudy sky after the ball goes away

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It was hard to catch some breaks

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CBS evening news stay informed and stay connected with CBS news WCBS eight eighty

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Tonight lows in the upper fifties

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Are starting to dissipate there and then additional showers and thunderstorms also stated with a cold front

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Partly cloudy early Tuesday night then increasing clouds with fog developing again low down to sixty

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