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Chicago - Loved Ones Worried About Shortage Of Protective Gear For First Responders


Or police officers or fireman or EMT is the proper protection against the coronavirus as they are on the front lines of our city every single day now there's a shortage of personal protective equipment clothing masks gloves wipes and other protective clothing and while the announcement this week of offering hotels to our first responders to protect their families we need to be providing them what they need up front to protect themselves from this deadly virus L. C. P. also lost one of their own to covert nineteen officer Marco DiFranco one of the department's most decorated and at the age of fifty this past Thursday nearly seventy officers have tested positive for the virus as well and I talk about the serious concerns challenges the wrist the sacrifices and the ongoing needs of the Chicago police department Kevin Graham president of the fraternal order of police Chicago joins me tonight Kevin thanks for your time and very busy and unprecedented time thank you for having me these are very unusual times that we're having here at the fraternal order of police there is no weekends we one day is another day that we have to try and tackle a problem that is occurring wow whether it's the coronavirus whether it is enforcing the law in terms of people who are not complying these are all things that are going on in the midst of this we still have the a consent decree we still have a new superintendent coming in we have challenges about making sure that Chicago gateway green has been cleaning and beautifying

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Chicago - Loved Ones Worried About Shortage Of Protective Gear For First Responders

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