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Take your mind off of it that would be good so first off when it comes to China


Any of the numbers are coming out of China there's no way to confirm those numbers there's lots of public reporting on whether the numbers are are too low why even access to those reports are coming out of Chinese social media and and some of the few reporters that love to China we just have no way to confirm those numbers one that you set with China the start of this virus the wet market perhaps they have been shut them down even though they said they would and now we find out that it might not even be in from the wet market might have been something else so China comes out and they say their numbers are not nearly as bad as our numbers just eighty two thousand cases really are when it comes to those who lost their lives trying to just three thousand really he walked out a whole country for three months Hey our whole region for three months it is spread around the shores people allowed to travel go to parties go to other countries and you want us to believe only three thousand cases now there's reports of a second wave in China about a hundred miles outside of Beijing we'll see what we know New Gingrich to we have met right now New Gingrich joining us from Italy congratulations Mister speaker on on not only doing well in Italy but also the the publishing of a brand new book called shake down it came out that came out this week

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Take your mind off of it that would be good so first off when it comes to China

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